Members of the message board were challenged to write a poem or a short story using the title, "Sweet Clover". Below are their responses.

Sweet Clover

By Phyllis Ann (

Baxter Bunny loved Sweet Clover. He would risk all for the delectable, edible green. There was an abundance of it outside of fences, but somehow Baxter had the idea that the clover inside the fence was more desirable. He would risk all to go under gates, fences, hedges, whatever it took to reach the enclosed Sweet Clover.

Gardeners didn’t like bunnies in their garden area and would go to great lengths to keep them out. Home owners didn’t like the “bunny berries” that Baxter left behind in their yard.

Tabitha and Timmy were playing in their yard one day and asked Mommy what those little black beads were in their yard. Mommy explained that they were “bunny berries”, but not the kind of berries that people ate. Tabitha was quick to report that Roxie, their dog, ate them. Mommy pointed out that “bunny berries” were not good for Roxie and if they saw her eating them, they should discourage her by leading her away with a treat. Tabitha and Timmy liked to give Roxie treats, so they ask for some Milk Bones every time they went out to play. They each were given two a piece for their pockets. Soon, Roxie was no longer interested in “bunny berries” because she knew the twins had Milk Bones in their pockets.

Baxter made a habit of coming in Tabitha and Timmy’s yard, even though he was familiar with Roxie who was a Great Dane and much bigger than he. He would risk getting chased by her just for the tasty Sweet Clover in the fenced yard. Roxie chased him out on a regular basis. Sometimes he went under the gate and sometimes he went under the fence. The taste of the Sweet Clover in that yard was worth the risk, or so he thought. He also loved to visit the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Worthington. They had a beautiful garden, and soon there would be Lettuce and Carrots to steal. Mrs. Worthington asker her husband if he thought that pesky rabbit would be back this year to steal their vegetables. Mr. Worthington said that he was sure he would be and that he might bring some of his family with him. Mrs. Worthington suggested a trip to the Co-Op to get something to discourage him and his friends.

Baxter was never interested in the danger, he was always up to the challenge. One day he was caught in a box trap, but a little girl let him out. He had a scruff mark on his fur from a scrape with a sharper than usual chain link fence. He didn’t let little things like that deter him from his prize.

One day, he ventured into Mr. Worthington’s vegetable garden and met up with a Jack Russell Terrier named Rocky. Now that was scary. He chased Baxter all over the yard and almost caught him, but he escaped in the nick of time under the gate where he had come in. Rocky was Mr. and Mrs. Worthington’s new dog. They thought he would help Baxter learn that their garden was off limits.

Baxter decided that he didn’t need Carrots and Lettuce and would settle for the Sweet Clover outside of fences this year. Things were getting a little too close for comfort, and Baxter decided he had better heed the advice of his Great Grandfather, Peter Rabbit.

Sweet Clover

By Sharon (

Laying upon a carpet of grass green
Pretending that she could not be seen
A little girl and her best pal the dog
Watching closely antics of a frog

The aroma of fresh clover came through
As she lifted her eyes to sky blue
Her best pal the dog kept on snoring
Nearby a rushing river roaring

Butterflies flitted to and then fro
She allowed her dreams to flo and flo
Then she stirred and began to glance around
Looking at sweet clover on the ground

Spreading petals with fingers as she gazed
Oh wow! A four-leaf she was amazed
She carefully picked it and held it near
Her thoughts ran rampant but oh so clear

She'd give her father a card with its look
The clover she dried and pressed in a book
A few days later glued it in a card
Signed her name with love, it wasn't hard

He would be surprised on his father's day
Receiving a clover from his girl Faye
A four-leaf clover would him so please
She'd also give him a most loving squeeze

Sweet Clover

By Mercedes (

She read the topic:
Sweet Clover
Nothing came
Maybe later
Later came
Still nothing

She read
Responses -
Baxter Bunny,
Four Leaf Clover
As always
Talent lies
In the mind
For writers.

Baxter Bunny
Bunny berries,
How many
Had she scraped
And scooped
During her
Rabbit Phase?
Rabbits eat them too
Helps them to digest,
Who knew?

She chuckled
When Jack Russell
Showed and
‘Knowed’ Baxter’s
Days of munching
Preferred Worthington
Lettuce and Clover
Were over.

She lay in the clover
With Bunny’s heroine
It is a gift
To feel with
The heart of a child
And share
Found treasures

She could see
The clover
Four leaves
Pressed forever
On the paper
And in the
Hearfelt memories
Of the father
And the daughter.

The Nerd and the Beauty

By Norma (

When she was little
She called him “Four-Eyes.”
Now tall and handsome,
And looking so wise,

He stands before her
And to her surprise,
He calls her his “Four Leaf,”
And then she cries.

“I thought of you
When days got blue,
My four-leaf girl
Could have been true blue.”

“So thank you, Sweet Clover,
For giving me that,
To richen my days,
I tip you my hat.”

The two walked away
In opposite ways,
What might have been
Haunting their days.

Sweet Clover

By Tom (

Heavy the dew on a clear morn
clear the sky except for old Sol
slowly he shows his face
sparkling the heads of sweet clover

Sweet the scent of the blooming clover
slowly the morning, another new day
bees so busy visiting each bloom
reaping the nectar to make honey

Cows just milked grazing the sweet forage
oh how sweet their milk is
the only sounds except for the birds
Old Bossy’s bell as she browses.

Another morning, another day,
life goes on in the meadow.
Soon the rest of the world will be busy,
here it is, a field of sweet clover.

Sweet Clover

By Swampetta (

There I was in a field of sweet clover.
And they all had leaves of three.
On my hands and knees, bent over
The four leafed one was for me!

Sweet Clover

By susi Taylor (

Sunbonnet on her head, book in her hand
Anna was headed for sweet clover land
There to sit 'neath her favorite oak tree
Surrounded by sweet clover as deep as her knee

She whiled away the hours reading her book
And every once in a while, she'd just sit and look
Around her at the pink topped clover
And think about her distant lover

Across the sea in war torn lands
Sleeping in a tent with gun at hand
Dreaming of the time this war will be over
and he can be with his Anne in fields of sweet clover

Anne fell asleep, book fell to the ground
The sweet clover close to her did surround
The afternoon waned and Anne finally awoke
Said a prayer from her heart, and what she spoke

was, "Stay safe my darling, till we're together,
Put behind you days of war forever"
then, "Hurry back to me, my life, my lover,
And we will lay together amidst this sweet clover

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When Life Was Sweet

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