Remember that first time?
Maybe it was a first date
Maybe it was a new place to live
Maybe a view from a lover's hill
But it was the first time
And you can never go back again

Maybe you moved to a different city
Made new friends, did new things
Maybe you got a new job you'd never done
A first time apartment all by yourself
A bright red car, down the road to fly
Wow, that insurance sure was high!

For the first time you're really on your own
You met a man now, not a boy
The man more self-assured, more mature
You go to dinner and the theatre
Instead of a hot dog and a bottle of coke
You have your first drink, you laugh at a joke

You add to your wardrobe, buy really high heels
Change your hair color and your "do"
Start wearing more makeup, earrings that hang
Tell yourself you're having such fun
You go to the bars to dance the night through
While you're losing what's left of you

There's never a first time, never again
No going back to your innocent days
That first time boyfriend has grown and wed
That man you dated went back to his wife
And there are very few first times now in your life

You can search among memories trying to find
The friends, the cities and jobs left behind
The first times are gone and cannot return
There are far too many bridges you have burned
The first times now are few and far between
So many years passed since you were sixteen

By susi Taylor (

Valentine's Day

True Love (several writers)


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