A wonderful place, the library,
Such a welcoming and pleasant spot,
Millions of books available free,
As long as that little card you’ve got.

One can spend the day here, till closing,
Enjoying the quiet atmosphere,
Exercising by endless browsing,
Amongst the aisles of volumes here.

Books in every category,
From heavy philosophical tomes,
To the most basic children’s story,
Even screen plays, fables and poems.

The many volunteers can be proud
Of their service organizing books;
And by hushing those who talk too loud,
With their stern and disapproving looks.

My thanks to Benjamin Franklin, too,
For his contribution to reading.
I’m sure he would be pleased if he knew
How well his idea is succeeding.

He would be deserving of more thanks
If his same notion could be applied
To casual borrowing from banks;
But you’d be arrested if you tried.

By Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)


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