Being born and reared in Virginia, history was poked at us from the crib. Also being from a family that was from the south, a lot of people still lived the Civil War. As with a lot of good and great people back then they took the state as first and their allegiance to it was first, not the new nation that was being run by a bunch of equally independent people from the North and North East.

Yes, the red man was here and we the settlers like so many other countries and nations wrested it from them and said it was “ours”. Being a child and naïve I read my history and thought it right; however as I read and read, we slaughtered and drove out the red man, as happened to the indigenous people from south of our now borders who occupied a lot of the Western US. Look at the Caribs and also a lot of South American natives.

I have no Native American blood in me, unless it is woodpile Cherokee, but after living in the west and getting old and a little wiser I now see the plight of the Native American. Need I say any more about it and they?

Some of them did assimilate into our culture and they nearly became extinct. But they too have re emerged and are reviving their culture and studying their culture. I admire them and hope they too reemerge and become part of the American Society and Culture. This country has been called the “Melting Pot” as we are from countries all over the world and became strong and somewhat united; well we like family fight among ourselves until we are threatened then we unite and fight for our “inalienable rights”. We are the only country in the world where so many have died protecting our right to say what a messed up and crazy country we are. I am beginning to see the broader view and develop my own perspective of it.

Like the Roman Empire the United States with its weak and screwed up leaders are falling. It will not be too long before we will become a third world country with the leadership we have seen since the end of World War II. Yes, this country is on a definite decline!

So on this the “Fourth of July” let us all pause, look back, reflect and take a good long and hard look at our country. Then let us all pray to whatever higher authority we each believe in, that we hopefully can find a way to bring this country back to its senses and regain our proud multi nationality and ethnic ways while remaining, or rather becoming a real HOME OF A UNITED FREE AND THE BRAVE. (Thomas F. Hamm)

By Tom F. Hamm (


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