Members of the message board were challenged to write about the five senses, in either a poem or prose format.


Their entries are below and if you enjoy them, why not send them a note?

Use All of Your Senses

By Phyllis Ann (

Taste Touch/feel Hear Smell See/sight Betty Lou could just taste the fried potatoes and eggs that her Mother was making for Sunday breakfast. She could hear her downstairs busily working in the kitchen. She loved Sunday morning breakfast because her Mother always made biscuits and milk gravy and sometimes bacon or sausage to go with everything else. Dad always made sure there was a dozen assorted Donuts and a pot of coffee.

Betty Lou had a twin sister named Bertha Mae, and they usually raced down the stairs to see who could get to the table first, but not this morning. Bertha Mae had broken her leg and had to be helped down the stairs because of her cast and crutches. Betty Lou wanted her to hurry because she could feel a chill in the air and wanted to hurry downstairs where they could sit in the warm kitchen with their parents and enjoy the big breakfast waiting for them.

What a sight, that kitchen table loaded with all the breakfast items. Dad had brought in the Sunday paper and was reading the Sports page. The girls had dibs on the Comic section. Mother liked the Society page.

Feeling lucky the girls enjoyed their breakfast and the Sunday paper. It was a peaceful scene at the Baxter house once a week when Mother cooked that big Sunday breakfast.

Use All of Your Senses

By Tom (

Senses we have, we use them a lot,
but common sense, some of us lack.
Cool headiness and a little thought
keep us in line and out of trouble.

Taste the sweetness of your love,
those sweet lips that make you
want to be closer.
like honey, surely not onions.

Touch their body, feel the love,
blood a pumping, heart agog.
Reach out and touch the one you love,
surely it will make you feel so above.

Hear their breathing, their heartbeat,
heart your heart, racing, rat-a-tat-tat.
But most of all are the words,
“I love you, oh so much.”

Smell their presence, their tenderness,
that special something, that makes
them stand apart,
Smell the love and static desire.

See them in your mind,
then the sight of them makes you feel good.
Closeness makes the heart grow fonder,
See the love in their eyes.

Use your senses all you can,
use them often and use them well.
They are what make the ties that bind.
Now count your lucky stars.

Use All of Your Senses

By Amy (

to touch the one you love
to smell a rose
to feel the presence of the one above
to see what someone wrote in prose

taste it all the things you like
eat it with gusto as you ride your bike
taste buds tingling, smooth or rough
eat and taste until youve had enough

Use All of Your Senses

By Sharon (

My sight is not so good
So I feel just what I could
My husband can't hear
The taste of chocolate is dear
I enjoy warmth from fireplace wood

Use All of Your Senses

By susi (

I tasted your sweet cheek
I savored the touch of your lips
I feel your presence
I sometimes smell your perfume
I see you when the air moves a flower
I hear you all through the house
I sense you around me when i'm scared
Mama, your love surrounds me in every sense

Use All of Your Senses

By Norma (

His wife had left him bit by bit,
Her stinging touch now gone,
Still he was feeling pain,
Had a bad day.

Rain blinded his glasses
From seeing as he should,
Ran over a curb, had a flat
Had a bad day.

Heard a man yell “I can’t help you”
Said I’ll give you 50 bucks,
All at once the tire was fixed.
Still a pretty bad day.

Soaked and cold he had a cold,
Went into a cheeseburger place,
Smells of onions and meat.
Improving day.

Tasting such richness did comfort,
Drove on in his late night way,
Hope settled down his sadness,
Ending day.

Home to his tiny dog,
Warm shower over his chills,
Cuddled in a blanket,
Tomorrow’s another day.

Use All of Your Senses

By Cottage Lady (

The feel of round crisp apples and shapely pears
Held in the hand,

The sharp sound of the knife cutting into
The succulent flesh of the fruit,

The heady aroma of dark semi-sweet chocolate
Slowly melting in a double boiler,

The deep brown thick richness
Swirling into creamy folds of decadence,

The taste of chocolate fondue paired
With fresh fruit and yellow slices of pound cake –


Use All of Your Senses

By Diana Mercedes (

Nostrils quiver and flare
He smells danger
Near but not to be seen…not yet

A mature buck…eight points,
A main beam spread
Of over two feet
He feels worthy of any approaching
Challenger, yet a secondary feeling
Stirs within, urging him…be prepared
Get the first jump
Use all your senses.

His antlers act like antenna
Drawing in distant sounds,
He stands regally
As if he knows he is
A ‘heart attack’ deer
A term hunters use
When they come within range
Of a rack of these proportions.

Five seasons
Have prepared him
For this moment.
He strikes a pose
As if sitting for a portrait,
Cloven hooves
Sink into the earth newly
Wetted by an Autumn storm
It may make digging in for
Traction a problem
But his adversary will suffer the same

The air is sweet after the rain
He can almost taste it
As he tests it for the scent
Of another deer.
The breeze changes direction
Antlers shift to compensate
His sense of smell is keen
But only downwind
Now he must rely on
His eyes and ears.

If his stalker is moving
Eyes can see,
If not he may as well be blind.
Always vigilant as rivals
Are joined by hunters
During mating season
There is an empty spot
Over a mantle down in the valley
Waitng for a White Tail deer trophy.

Two hundred pounds of
Power and muscle stiffen
Movement in the stand
Of birches catches his eye
His nose confirms
The enemy has arrived.
He stands his ground
Waiting for his rival
To come into the clearing
Before charging.

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