Welcome Spring

Cactus Wrens in cactus next door
Lay eggs in a nest every spring
Roadrunner goes out a hunting
Returns to young with food to bring

Mockingbird sings to his true love
The quail pairing up two by two
Iris with her pretty blossom
Brittle bush in bright yellow hue

Fig tree starting to sprout green leaves
Desert wild flowers in full bloom
Sunshine brightens up this old land
Chasing away the winter cold gloom

Little white flowers all over
The vine of the Lady Banks Rose
Scents of all types waft on a breeze
And plants strutting their beauty pose

© By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

An April Day

The sky is clear today
Not congested and grey
And coughing up drizzle
But searingly blue and deep

Swallows approve,
Diving and swooping,
Scooping up dinner
An avian buffet

Fragrant and sultry
Seduce humble bumble bees
Who should know better

Breeze downy feathers
Caressing the sun
Spreading her warmth
To corners abandoned by

Winter worn thin
Let Spring begin
Nature enchanting
Forgive me I'm ranting
I'm under the spell
Of an April Day

© By Diana Mercedes (writerworks@live.com)

Enthralling Spring

Why is Spring so enthralling?
Perhaps deep in our brain nature is calling.

Centuries ago when our ancestors lived on the land,
We have a desire to join in the endeavors of this long ago band.

The smell of turned earth heightens our senses,
And bids us to plant and thrill at the climbing vines on fences.

The misty rain waters and nourishes the plants as they bring forth shoots.
We long to watch for that first blossom going back to those ancestral roots.

Sunshine and nitrogen still call forth greenery of every type nature provides us in many forms.
Even weeds can be beautiful as the solar rays cause them to sprout as it warms.

The animal kingdom awakens to a new and beautiful earth.
They gather their young and give a new generation birth.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

Welcome Spring

The calendar says it is spring, hmm
crunch, crunch are the sounds of feet
walking along, coat zipped way up,
sock cap pulled down over the ears.

Only the Canada geese and mallards
are heard, squawk, squawk, squawk.
No robins about, no red wing black birds;
the temperature is only nine degrees.

Still lots of snow on the north side of everything,
south side seems to have pretty much melted;
tomorrow more snow coming
back to the 50’s by the end of the week.

Crunch, crunch, crunch are the sounds of the feet
walking along looking for signs of spring.
Laugh, look about and comment,
“But this is Wyoming?”

No tulips are showing their head,
crocus sprigs are up, but no heads, no buds.
Spring will come, when Mother Nature decides,
not when the calendar says so, for this is Wyoming.

Crunch, crunch, brrrrrr!

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Spring and a Dog Day Afternoon

Dogs are out in profusion leading
their masters around on this early spring day.
They trot, sniff, and chase crows,
tugging at the end of their leashes.

Couples walk around the lake holding hands,
joggers cast superior glances their way,
as if emphasizing their own inherent virtue.
A lone fisherman casts his line from a bridge.

A little lad walks next to his mother
who is pushing a baby carriage, and
I have a flashback of my own
little lad in his Oshkosh overalls and
light blue sweatshirt holding my hand.

Bread crumbs are thrown to the Canada geese,
those supremely symmetrical beings,
who are squabbling after feed with the Mallards,
and putting on a swimming and diving show
now that the ice has virtually disappeared.

Our heroes are out also, with their mud-covered trucks,
overlarge tires and non-existent mufflers belching black smoke,
weaving in and out of traffic to get one car length ahead,
signaling perhaps some baffling and obscure rite of spring.

I inhale the subtle aromas of the season just
beginning in all its complexity,
and newness of life emerging, combined
with a hint of sweet wood smoke and pungent exhaust.

© By Cottage Lady (patience@bresnan.net)

Welcome Spring

Spring is a roller coaster ride,
Came in like that lion and all did hide.
Pretty sunshine brought out the Bradfords,
Like lollipops, the pops of jonquil and asters.

Then came the thunder, wind and snow,
Six inches deep and blizzard blows,
Up went the furnace one more time,
Blown away by midnight in this strange clime.

"Dogs walking people" frisky on leashes,
Children sporting new short breeches,
Redbuds frozen to a garnet black,
Pray their leaves will perk right back.

Too hot to wear a sweatshirt today,
Too wet to dig, snow water in splays,
Skies too blue to even describe,
Another front soon to arrive.

We're on a roller coaster ride.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Spring, I've Been Waiting for You

The snow is gone
The rain is slowing down.
The tree branches are fuzzy.
Forsythia weaves a yellow crown.

I saw a crocus in the yard,
A small splash of purple there.
I hear the daffodils pushing up.
There'll be flowers to spare.

Not too long ago.
The world was wrapped in white.
The wind blew so very cold.
Everything froze in the night.

The breezes now hold the sun.
A promise can be made.
I'll wave good-bye to winter,
Snowy memories can begin to fade.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)







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