The feelings I have for you are almost unreal.
I don't know why I feel what I feel.
When you look at me it makes me blush.
I know this is more than a middleschool crush.

You are so perfect it doesnt seem right.
Your eyes can make even the darkest room bright.
Your smile is like sunshine on a rainy day.
I hope my feelings for you never go away.

Aside from your looks you have a heart of gold.
And there is plenty more for me to unfold.
You always cheer me up when I'm feeling down.
My heart beats faster whenever you're around.

You are the greatest person I have ever met.
And I almost take this as a threat.
Because if I lost you I would cry each day,
Which only leaves me with one thing to say.

I promise you, you'll be in my heart forever.
And a day without you on my mind will be never.
I know my feelings are very true.
So this concludes that I love you.

By Nikki (

Nikki is RickMack's granddaughter


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