When Life was Sweet

How I would like to go back,
Return to those carefree days,
When I had a special knack,
For whiling my time away.

To relive late teens again,
When sweet life made no demands,
Raised no reason to complain,
World problems out of my hands.

Much of my pay went to Mom,
From my stockboy job at Sears;
But also leaving me some,
For gasoline and cold beers.

I owned a few basic clothes:
Garb like T-shirts, sneakers, Jeans,
A dress-up change, I suppose,
Although seldom seen on teens.

Pride of my life, an old car,
A nineteen-forty Ford coupe.
Without that, wouldn't get far
Beyond a neighbor's door stoop.

Where, with my pals, we'd play cards,
Poker, for nickles and dimes;
Or toss horseshoes in back yards.
Dodge Ball in the street sometimes.

A vacant lot was nearby,
For football, baseball and such
Other games we'd care to try;
And movies didn't cost much.

One responsibility
Is all I can recollect:
My Ford, meaning all to me,
Never suffered from neglect.

Spotless, with a gleaming shine,
Mats vacuumed every day.
Thirteen years old, but all mine,
Like brand new, and kept that way.

Life was so simple back then,
In those wondrous days of youth.
Best times that have ever been,
If I had but known the truth.

Soon, complications began
To contaminate my bliss;
But I'll be darned if I can
Figure out what started this.

Wanted more from life, I guess,
Unaware I had it made,
And the more that I possessed,
The faster freedom would fade.

Higher earnings soon needed,
To pay for all the new stuff.
Inner warnings unheeded,
Seems I never had enough.

When I met my future wife,
Came a change of attitude.
Bent on improving my life,
Ambition would then intrude.

College education, next,
Appeared to be required;
And life become more complex,
The higher I aspired.

Since then, home and family
Dominated all my years;
While need for security
Made me long for days at Sears.

In my mid-seventies now,
Alone, again on my own,
Yearning to get back, somehow,
To halcyon days I've known.

By Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)


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