With coffee in hand I sit at my window staring into darkness not being able to see anything but yet enjoying the view. The coffee is hot today and especially tasty as i wait for the arrival of the morning sun.

I get to thinking: it seems that nowdays I always seem to be in a hurry. It took a night of restless sleep to see what I was missing. The night air was cool coming through the window, but somehow relaxing, and as I sip my coffee I think this is truly peace on earth. I wonder how many things we miss as we rush to a doctor's appointment, or to the store and home again for that favorite tv show.

Do you remember as a child lying in the grass and staring at the heavens, and at the beautiful stars that it held? Remember how good it felt just to enjoy God's work? To sit on the curb with friends on a lazy summer day?

Well, today my friend I ask you stop a few minutes. Shut down the computer, turn off the tv, and for a few minutes just enjoy the silence. Have a cup of coffee and just let your mind remember when. A few minutes of my time can be the best part of the day. And remember that of all the miracles God has given us I truly believe the best one is you.

By Mike (Ibromantic2@aol.com)


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