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By Marilyn (

Violation! Have you ever returned to your car and found "Violation" on the meter? I have, but luckily I haven't gotten a ticket---yet. Nowdays I mostly shop in a Mall where there is no fee for parking and that's a big relief. I don't need to keep check on the time I spend in the shops.

Maybe you know someone who collects parking tickets. lol

What can you write about this picture? Truth or fiction, we look forward to your entry. A poem or some prose will be just fine.

LaraOct7. (


By susi Taylor (

No tickets for me, ever
no violation of law, no never

and I watch with glee
when someone passes me

going way too fast
and up ahead, at last

as the blue lights flash
I feel that driver's heart crash

his insurance will go up a point
but at least he's not going to "The Joint"

I do not honk as I go by
tho the temptation is great, I just sigh

you got exactly what you deserve
ya gotta watch out for the cop 'round the curve.


By Doris (

The town nearest to me installed meters in the shopping center's parking lots a few years ago. I love shopping in that little town, but don't like the metered parking. There are some areas where they've not put parking and side streets. I will drive around until I find a place without the meters, or I'll watch for a meter with time left on it. :)

One morning I found a meter with almost an hour remaining on it! I thought I hit the jackpot! As I angled my car to pull into the spot, lo and behold a police car sidled up alongside me. He gave me a knowing look, and, since I was a new driver and wary of the law, I made my way out of there as swiftly and safely as I could. I saw the policeman get out of the car and direct another car into the spot. A Town Government car. Grrrrrrr! My thoughts were NOT very nice ones. :)


By Sharon (

The meter is looking wane
Someone might be taxed again
It doesn't cost a fin
To stick one or two coins in
Anonymous helps the guy in the other lane


By Amy (

Meter maid is here
oh dear,i am caught i fear
would you fight or pay


By Emiliano (

The sidewalk meter
is always ready to show
if we've paid enough.


Cold and visible
the parking meter speaks loud
with authority.


By Diana Mercedes (

Isn't it hard enough to parallel park while people in cars behind you grow impatient and they can't go around you because the streets are clogged with tourists everyone of whom are searching for parking, do they have to charge us for it too? The car behind me is annoyed because they would have been us if the light hadn't changed to red right before they got to the intersection and had to stop. They got in behind us because we had to stop behind a the long line of cars filled with people who woke up this morning and decided, "Hey wouldn't it be fun to go to the Water Festival in Edmonds this today?"

Well, we got lucky, or did we? A gargantuan SUV was hogging part of the space and so bulky it was difficult to swing around it, I kept ending up at an angle in the spot and not parallel to the curb. On the third attempt the driver behind me took his hands off the steering wheel and waved his arms around in exasperation.

You would think successfully parking parallel is an end in itself and we would be rewarded instead of being punished by having to keep track of the time every minute we are away from the car, dreading the ticket that nowadays cost a bundle. And there is no way to finesse your way out of an expired meter ticket.

For some reason meter cops are unyielding. Even State Troopers will let you off with a warning, or reduce the speeding ticket, or give you a ticket for having a tail light out and pass on giving you a second ticket because your husband said he would your new proof of insurance card in the glove compartment and it slipped his mind. And State Troopers are armed and can call backup if they need it.

Meter cops are fearless, standing on the corner with no gun, no back up, and only a flimsly little three wheeled 'ice cream' vehicle to run to for safety, and yet the answer is always "NO." The ticket is always written up, even when some people sound off and verbally abuse them. The State Department could use these people. After week of torture..."No, I will not reveal the code." They would drive the enemy to surrender.

Everyone in the car was giving me advice on how to do it, even though all are too young to drive. I decided to give it up and let Mr. Fussy Pants behind me frustrate the cars behind him.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. We drove away from the Festival entrance deep into a residential area, parked for free, took a wonderful walk back to town and enjoyed the day free from worry.

Violation - Charity Begins at Home

By Phyllis Ann (

Rules and regulations abound,
But in the big things no justice is to be found.

How can a person who attempts to blow up an airliner be given "Constitutional Rights"?
He is not a United States Citizen, but a Terrorist who is advised he doesn't need to "talk", but rather should have had his "last rites".

Haiti, that is another story that I don't understand.
I'm sorry for their situation, but why does the U.S. have to rebuild their land?

New Orleans is still is in a state of decay,
But their own people and government just let it lay.

Who comes to the aide of our country when disaster falls upon us?
Most think we are rich, so what's the fuss.

Little help comes from all the World when our people cry,
But we send Billions to aide other countries while our people die.

Violation, yes I feel violated in so many ways in this age and day.
What is a poor U.S. tax payer supposed to do as we are asked to pay and pay?

The country is in debt and most States say their infrastructure won't last long.
With this picture, I say, what is wrong?


By Swampetta (

Anita was a meter maid.
Kisses for tickets she would trade.
A popular girl was she.
Guys always got off free,
But ladies,,,? The full price was paid.

Damn Parking Meters

By Tom (

Jing, jing, jing jing, feed the slot
park here but donít forget
feed the slot or get a ticket,
meter maid is on the way,
going to get you, oh she is trying.

In a rush, in a hurry, look for a parking space,
find one, boy oh boy but then, oh my lord,
you have no change, only paper money.
Ask three people, all pass by,
so you say, what the heck.

Come back with a ticket there awaiting you,
remember when they were just a few dollars?
Now is it fifty or twenty, I donít know,
gosh I was running late.
cuss and yell get real mad, you have been had.

Now it is dollars not cents, to feed the parking meter;
and oh yes do not park over 18 inches from the curb.
Big car, little car, motorcycle,
the parking meter maid will be after ya,
carry a pocket full of change.

But being an ornery old cuss when I see the
meter maid, I run up the street
dropping coins in the meters ahead of her,
she a cussing and waddling faster,
oh well, next time walk, as I laugh.


By Joy (

I put some money in the slot
And went on my merriily on my way
To look and shop and try on some duds
On this lovely sunny day

I ran into some folks I know
And hadn't seen in a long long while
We decided to have some lunch
And discuss the latest style

The hours went by in a lovely haze
As we all got up to speed
On family and friends and the latest news
A good afternoon indeed

At last we parted with hail and farewell
Vowing to meet sometime soon
I scurried out to return to the car
It was several hours past noon

I spotted the car way down the block
As I neared it to my dismay
A yellow paper 'neath the windshield wipers
Which showed the fine I would have to pay


By Amy (

one rainy day I was on my way
to the shopping mall downtown.
I looked and looked but could not find a space inside the mall.
I went out on the streets and drove around a bit.

To my surprise before my eyes a parking place appeared.

what did i have to fear? I'd only be a few minutes in the store.
I parked the car went about my chores, and hour or so went by.
I totally forgot I'd parked on the street and never gave it a thought.
I finally finished my shopping and started out the door when i remembered what i had come to the mall for.
I turned around and got the item i forgot and left the mall again.
Looking for my car, I suddenly remembered my GOD,I PARKED MY car on the street .
I scurried down the street looking for my car.
Lo and behold it wasn't there, i feared it had been towed..
I was right. I went to the impound and sure enough i found my car.
Hours had gone by and the meter maid had gotten tired of giving me one ticket after another and had it towed.
A little lesson learned: remember where you park your car when you go to a mall.

The cost of this trip was so expensive i had to return all the items i bought, but this time i took a city bus to do it ..

Nothing's Free

By Connie (

Thumbing through my pockets
No quarter for the meter do I see
Red marker has dun flipped
Oh, why can't this be free ?

Here comes the Meter Maid
Diked out in her navy blue's
I'll back out before she passes
Then down the street I'll cruise

Circling the block I'm thinking
I should have come when it was dark
Now... my only course of action
Is down the street I must park


By Norma (

He: Look at our window, a Violation.
Think Iím gonna pay it? Smiolation.

She: Now, dear, donít get your pressure up,
Couldnít be more than the cost of a cup.

He: Hrmph, just let it sit its course.
This little townís cops donít enforce.

She: I heard a whistle blow,
Hereís a truck hooking on to tow.

Cop: Sir, youíve forgotten 10 violations,
This new year in jail youíll do your celebratĎn .

She: Iíd bail you out, my dear little honey,
But youíve been too tight, I have no money.

He: Go borrow, beg some, or steal,
Iíll be generous now, how díya think I feel?

She: Donít care, my darlin, Iím off to the races,
This nice uniformed man with you has changed places.


By Mary Carter Mizrany (

With my trusty viola
I play a dirge;
due to the violation
of my car park'd at the curg . . .
oops, curb.

I said to myself, NO,
you will NOT play a dirge
with your trusty viola,
you play a jig, waltz or R & R
Self agreed, smilin' . . . "no chirge":
ooops, charge:-)

"You did not violate them",
said Self . . ."NO": YOU
were the violatee;
Parkin' tickets R a bummer,
don't you all agree?

Let's circle city hall,
chanting, while my trusty
viola I play;
We'll think about violations
on a more prosperous day . . .

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