"at the ready"
winding staircase
gold and silver
a magical time

Members of the message board used words and phrases from the above list to create a poem, haiku, or a story. Below are their entries.

Year's End 2009

By Tom (

The wind-whipped terrain was a mottle of brown and white
nothing pretty, not a delight.
Just Mother Nature showing who is in charge
just the way things are.

At the ready he loudly yelled
we sally forth into the wind whipped mess,
yelling banshees, acting the fools
it was a day of training you see

tired, cold and just plain beat
up the winding staircase I did creep
wanting to crawl into my bed
hoping visions of sugar plums would dance in my head

For gold and silver I would not do it again
but, then I am a crazy old man
train, train to do good
volunteerism some time ainít so good.

but a magical time it was
when we were called out to help ole Santa,
delivering presents in the blinding snow,
poor old Rudolph, knew not where to go.

Ice and Father Time kicked my behind,
here I lie on the sidewalk
slipped and fell, cannot get up
come on, be real, this must be a dream.

Year's End 2009

By Amy (

last of 2009
on a wind-whipped day in december
my whole family was at the ready
for a magical time on ice
celebrating a gold and silver anniversary
as the two couples climebed the winding staircase
oops one lady lost her tiara

as she bent down to get it she slipped on the ice.

upon getting up she noticed a bracelet of gold and silver laying on the ice
she retreived that also, ascending the winding staircase once more
she finished having the most magical time of her life and celebrating the
silver and golden anniversary with friends and family ..

Year End Haiku

By Cottage Lady (

The snow falls sideways
Full-blown, slanted and wind whipped,
Piling up in drifts.

Birds at the ready
After an early rainfall
Devouring worms.

Wandering green hills,
Mountain is winding staircase
Leading to heaven.

Sunrise colors glow
Gold and silver in the morn,
Gaze in amazement.

Fall leaves red and gold,
Autumn: a magical time,
Sky an intense blue.

Snow falling softly
Winterís ice, sparkling diamonds,
Dripping off your ears.


By susi (

wind-whipped, the willows
weep winter's ice covered tears
from tips of branches

on edge of the pond
I stand at the ready, to
attempt to ice skate

the ice sculptor carves
the winding staircase appears
in the crystal block

first the silver then the gold
if lucky, diamonds

New Year's Eve is a
magical time welcoming
two thousand and ten

Year's End 2009

By Sharon (

He laughed a laugh that might have been from MAGICAL TIMES. But it wasn't magic. It was his way of taunting me about my WIND-WHIPPED hair. He teased me about how my GOLDEN LOCKS THAT HAD TURNED TO SILVER. I told him that he was skating on thin ICE.

"Talk about thin," he said. "You could work on your diet more, than maybe you would thin down."

"You'd best be AT THE READY," I said to him.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked.

"Well you are standing just at the top of the WINDING STAIRCASE."


"So, keep up the mean comments and you could find yourself falling down that winding staircase."

He got the hint and hurried down the stairs, away from an angry woman.


By Tom (

wind whipped gnarly tree
carved initials broken limbs
could it remember

many ripe cherries
line of birds on the power line
all at the ready

many blue flowers
broken old winding staircase
memories of yore

gold and silver clouds
flocks of geese all flying south
bright sun reflecting

long evening shadows
intermittent snow showers
a magical time

head in a dither
loud birds singing seeing stars
fell on the black ice

The Holidays at the Ben Conger Inn

By Phyllis Ann (

The winding staircase at the Ben Conger Inn is beautiful during the holidays.
The sun shines through the frosted windows and throws shadows as it plays.

Outside the ice and snow are beautiful under the holiday lights.
The wind stings your face and feels like Old Jack Frost as he bights.

Gold and silver ornaments adorn the pine wreath on the door.
It is a Winter Wonderland in Upstate N.Y., who could ask for more.

Dinner at the Bed and Breakfast is a magical time.
The Goose is cooked to perfection and not to order the succulent bird would be a crime.

The drifts are wind-whipped and piled high along the walk as you enter the front door.
The aroma from the pine and goose set your senses to soar.

The waiters are "at the ready", with hors d oeuvres and wine to keep you in just the right mood.
Then comes the seven coarse meal, you never saw so much food.

Year's End 2009

By Norma (

Wind-whipped windows crackle
Like poorly painted frosted glass,
The sooted fireplace crackles, too,
Competing like a noisy class.

ďAt the readyĒ stands the master,
We must play like a family,
We must obey tradition,
Appearances arenít free.

I plod for gold and silver,
Bring home my paycheck, too,
Stand in attention to your manners,
Thatís the least that you should do.

Down the old oak winding staircase,
Rustling in her white taffeta gown,
Trips the masterís first-born daughter,
With a tiara like an English crown.

Itís a magical night for a wedding,
The buggyís waiting parked outside,
Accompanied by tuxedoed groomsmen,
To carry a non-blushing bride.

The master wipes a tear of ice,
His worries have just begun,
For not only does he owe for this,
On the way is a new grandson.

Year's End 2009

By Diana Mercedes (

It was gold and silver.
The Golden Age of Cinema,
The Silver Screen
When glamour was King
And Queen.
Garbo and Hepburn,
Bette and Claudette
Cary Grant, Gary Cooper,
Gable and Lombard.

They didn't seem to work that hard
Charisma always 'at the ready'
Heady days - star filled nights
LA skies announcing searchlights
Graumans premier,
Footprints in cement,
Legends whirlwind lives spent
Poolside, lounging
Glossy eight by tens
Flashing smiles only to be envied
And adored.

It was a magical time
When a nation needed fantasy
To keep harsh reality
From seeping between cracks
And the under the doorjamb
Murky waters of doubt and desperation
Flooding into homes and minds
When will it end?

In the meantime there is the Cinema,
Rogers and Astaire flickering there
In a darkened movie palace
Watch them gliding, mirrored dance floor,
Lives of luxury, lives of ease
The biggest worry; will he earn her trust?
Of course he must, before he does
He'll swing and lift and launch
They'll tap and swoop and ascend
The winding staircase to a
Happy Hollywood ending.

And the country will survive
They will attack, we will fight back
A sleeping giant, Yamamoto right
They hatched a force of power and might
Mobilized, we saved the world from evil
From the wind whipped Pacific campaign
To the shores of Africa and back again
We showed what we were made of
We found ourselves, but lost our love
Of fairytale romance,
Reality came home to roost.

The Cinema today, I don't attend
I have to say.
Occasionally, they'll make a film
About people and romance
"It's Complicated" seems like one
But mostly previews on TV
Seem to be
As entertaining..."sigh"
As a steel ice pick through the eye.

Year's End 2009

By Swampetta (

Looking out the window
I see the wind-whipped tree.
I am waiting for the snow.
Shovel is "At the ready"just for me.

I take the winding staircase to the attic.
Up here I feel all alone.
Flakes of gold and silver
Around the windows are blown.

Will this snowfall outlast 2009?
Or just blow away overnight?
The end of the year is a magical time.
Ice on trees seems so right.

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