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By RickMack (
By Sharon (
By Tom (
Moonlight Travel Agent
By Swampetta (
Friend of My Childhood
By Brier (
Buzzing on the Back Porch
By Twi1ite, Starbird, TOMWYO, SWAMPETTA, LaraOct7
Wide Awake Dreams
By susi (
Oh Moon, Oh Moon
By Marilyn Terwilleger (
Wyoming Wind
By Patience (Cottage Lady) (patience@bresnan@net)
Adirondack Chair
By Diana Mercedes Howell (
Perfect Little You
By Swampetta (
Fourth of July
An Invitation to Write
By Emiliano Martin (
Soft White Puff Clouds
By SWAMPETTA, Sharon, Starbird, TOMWYO, Cottage Lady, Mercedes, Twi1ite, LaraOct7
Haiku: The Snowies
An Invitation to Write
By Brier (
Fourth of July
New Entry by Mary Carter Mizrany
Monday Morning Walk
By Tom (
Today There is Rain
By Amy (
Open for Business
An Invitation to Write
A page I made in 2003.
By Norma (
Moonglow (A mystery)
By a group of seniors you might know. lol
By RickMack (
Purple Strands
By Marilyn
Forgotten Shoes
By Sharon (
By Phyllis Ann (
Haiku: Pelicans
An Invitation to Write
Cow Humor by Seniors
A Page I made in 2004
A Perfect Day's End
by susi (
Dog Days of August
By Swampetta (
January Humor By Seniors
January Humor (Back in 2003)
All Will Play
By Norma (
Adirondack Chair: Final Version
By Diana Mercedes (
An Invitation to Write
I Wonder Sometimes
By Brier (
That Old Rusted Bucket
By Tom (
Under a Mushroom
By susi (2004)
Tinges of Fall in the Air
By Twi1ite, Starbird, TOMWYO, Mercedes, SWAMPETTA, ByGolly, LaraOct7
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