A Heartfelt Christmas
By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

Give me a heartfelt Christmas with love all around.
Give me the gift that lasts a lifetime, the love of family which is an unspoken sound.

Give me my family to visit once a month for dinner and talk of what's new in their lives.
Give me a gift of a hug and kiss as Christmas arrives.

No need for material gifts, just home, health and a happy smile.
Now, that's an idea that's really worthwhile.

Cold Winter Day

It was a cold winter day when Robin went out to play.
The snow drifted high against the back porch, and the sky was a snowy gray.

Her mittens were wet as she made a snowman in the front yard.
Mom came out and snapped her picture for a photo Christmas card.

Soon Robin came in to a warm house and Mom baking cookies for her and her brother, Tad.
He was sick in bed with the flu, and that made her sad.

He watched her make the snowman from his bedroom window upstairs.
Later she came up to see him, and he was under his quilt, the one with the bears.

Robin brought him some cookies and a cup of warm tea.
He was happy to see her, clapping his hands with glee.

Tad was a cute little guy of three, and missed playing in the snow, but wanted to get well before Santa came in a few days.
Sister, Robin, played with him until supper and the last of the suns golden rays.

Soon Christmas came, and it was another cold winter day,
But this time Tad got to go out and in the snow play.

He had a new red sled with a bear painted on the seat,
And Robin pulled him on it down the street.

A Merry Christmas was had by the whole family who watched the children play,
And no one minded that it was a cold winter day.

Christmas Letters

Old Christmas letters tied up with string.
What wonderful memories they bring.

One from Aunt Rubie written so long ago,
Tugs at my heartstrings as I loved her so.

Over the years, they stay in their box upstairs,
Until one day they are opened again because someone cares.

Events of yesteryear tied up with string.
Never to be forgotten as to their contents I cling.

Loved ones who penned them are gone to their reward;
But with these Christmas letters, their thoughts and memories are restored.

Doggies are Waiting for Santa Paws

Santa loves the doggies too.
They are man's best friend, yes 'tis true.

They lay down at their post on Christmas Eve,
With the hope that Santa will leave them a treat, surely he has something up his sleeve.

Karl, the German Shepherd, has worked hard on the Police Force all year helping to catch the bad guys,
And he is waiting for Santa to leave him a surprise.

Wolf has done his search and rescue job with skill
And saved some skiers from the hill.

Little "Bitsy" has been a good companion for her senior masters and minded their every command.
So, please Santa give her something to light up her eyes, not something bland.

Doggies are waiting for Santa to come this year once more,
So help him out with some doggie treats by the door.


A mirror an ice rink did make
in the center of the dining room table.

There was no TV,
no not even cable.

The little rink was decorated with spray can snow.
with miniature buildings, pine trees and tiny ice skaters for show.

The hi-fi played Christmas music in forty-five style,
and under the Scottish pine lots of presents were piled.

The windows were decorated with frost and snow,
and there were real chimneys for Santa, don't you know.

Mom baked Christmas cookies in neat shapes,
and there was made from scratch coconut cake.

Going to sleep on Christmas Eve was a hard task,
the nuts, the candies, the gifts -- it was just too much to ask.

One present was allowed to be opened that night,
usually a pair of pajamas -- "out of sight."

Finally the big day arrived in all its beauty,
waiting for Mom and Dad was a sacred duty.

Down the stairs with a bound and a smile so big,
even the smallest child could understand this "gig."

Colored paper flew in every direction,
as each present was opened for careful inspection.

The holiday dinner was a treat,
and me and my new dolly took our seat.

Grandma and Mom had out done themselves,
and the dinner lived up to the smells.

Finally at the end of the day,
we all got tired and "hit the hay."

Another fifties Christmas had come and gone,
but the memory lives on like a famous song.


“C” is for Christ who is all but forgotten at this season.
We are supposed to remember that His birth is the reason.

“H” is for the halo that encircled His head.
“R” is for His robe of white when to his death he was led.

“I” is for the ill treatment that He suffered at His accusers’ hands.

“S” is for His suffering on the cross in our stead.
“T” is for the title placed over His head, “King of the Jews” is what it read.

“M” is for Mary, His Mother who wept.
“A” is for the animals who at His birth over Him a watch kept.

“S” is for that Silent Night that changed history as the angles sang.
Somewhere in the distance the Christmas bells are still rang.

Christmas Doll

I received my last Christmas doll when I was in the sixth grade.
The fad that year was boy dolls, not girls which I was happy they made.

The doll had a white shirt, blue & white checked corduroy vest and short blue pants, white socks and saddle shoes so neat.
His brown hair and big blue eyes and bow tie made him complete.

Grandma had a table quite festively set with lots of Christmas goodies and treats.
My doll and I sat quite happy on one of her dining room seats.

I still remember that doll and Grandma’s table so fine.
It is important to make memories at Christmas time.

Christmas Eve

Silent night, Holy night,
The world is in a terrible plight.

Love and tolerance are the keys for all mankind,
Why are people so blind?

God has not moved from our side,
People have moved away like the outgoing tide.

Hate and prejudice abound on every hand,
Our country's beautiful soil is like sinking sand.

There is hope in His dear Son,
We can reach out to Him and no longer have to run.

He sends His angels to protect us from harm,
If only we would ask, and sound the alarm.

Even in the darkest hour,
Our strength can be renewed with His great power.

He is only a prayer away,
Call on Him today.

Christmas Inn

We entered the door of the inn, decorated for the Holidays, with a big grin.
Outside the bushes and ground were covered with several inches of snow, but inside our faces were all aglow.
The banquet room to the right had been especially prepared for us, much to our delight.

Fine china and linen made a festive scene.
The table was set, fit for a king.

Once seated, they served the meal in courses.
We sat around the table and tried not to eat like horses.

Everything was quiet dinner conversation with napkins on our laps.
From the bar some had night caps.

The music was fine,
On Christmas goose we did dine.

Upstate NY at the Ben Conger Inn,
What a great place to celebrate Christmas with friends.

Christmas Past

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Christmas Past

Christmas Days of yore,
Please come to us once more.

Abide in our souls and make us warm,
Whisper of Christmas past and our hearts transform.

Give us the blessing of remembrance of those long gone,
And let us hold them close until the Christmas dawn.

The Christmas Buffet

The Eats, The Sweets, The Holiday Treats

The buffet table is spread with Holiday Cheer,
It looks like the Food Fairy has chosen you, my dear.

Sugar Plum Fairies, St. Nicholas himself, could not have set such a feast.
It is food for a King and scraps for the lowly beast.

The ham, the turkey, the yeast bread, and more;
Divinity, Fudge and Fruit Cake galore.

Fancy linen, silverware, and stemware filled with Holiday spirits for all the guests to enjoy.
Come join in the merriment, now don't be coy.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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