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A Walk Through September

By Amy (

in the mountains of flagstaff are beautiful ash trees
they whistle and blow in the cool breeze
in the fall they are yellow and tall with gray bark
thousands of folks come and bring their dogs who all bark

the road to this place called mt humphries peak
is crowded with tourists and birds with a large beak
they all start to fly to the south cause its cold
folks snap their pictures at the eagles so bold

in the wintertime here at the mt humphries peak
thousand s upon thousands come here to sneak
a few hours of snow
oh i know i know
its a dreaded word to some folks dont you know
but to us in the desert and to ski lovers below
the slopes are just wonderful covered with white snow
the don their heavy jackets of bright shiney hues
put on their boots and heavy snow shoes
grab their poles and their waxed up skis
just for one weekend, just to fly free

A Walk Through September

By Sharon (

Trees waving in a light breeze
Reaching upward towards blue sky
Invitation to squirrels and birds
Or perhaps a hiker or two on path
Changing colors bring thoughts of
Cooling weather and brisk fall air
Grazing deer hidden from view among
The colorful forest foliage the only
Sounds are birds chirping and leaves
Rustling on the branches before winter
Forces them to drop to ground baring
tree limbs to cold snowy percipitation

A Walk Through September

By Phyllis (

White Birch makes me think of Wisconsin and younger days.
It has been so long that it is a remembrance with a misty haze.

The lake and beautiful trees that make up a dense wooded scene.
The air is so crisp and the landscape pristine.

Bears are seen on occasion through the Birch, pines and foliage of Fall.
They are just meandering about not wary of you at all.

Stand very still, and take in the beauty of this picture Mother Nature has given us this day.
Savor it and all its memories like a beautiful Autumn bouquet.

*Birch trees and aspen trees both feature white bark and medium green leaves, but, upon a closer look, these trees are very different. One of the main differences between the two types of trees are the leaves. Also, birch trees are stronger trees than aspens, and are capable of withstanding drier conditions.

By Cottage Lady (


Blue sky, rock wall, you,
walking in the golden glow,
memories return.


Aspens standing tall,
golden leaves above white bark,
autumn rules the day.

By Tom (
Tom also took the photograph I used to design this page.

A Walk Through September

Row of aspen quivering in the breeze
heat of summer waning away
still there are pretty days
yellow the color of the hills

Big clear blue sky of Wyoming I see
yellow of fall making the scene
green of firs, yellow of aspen
forecast of frost, very evident

Fall in the high country
good clean air
soon the snow will be flying
a blanket of white

Closely followed by
the long winter
Roaring fire, dollop of brandy
good book, oh so dandy

A Walk Through September

By susi (

Listening to the clatter
of the Aspens as they chatter
"Fall is coming! Fall is coming!"
you can hear the branches humming

Golden leaves in frenzied waving
as they, Autumn winds are braving
they steel their branches against the grief
of losing themselves, leaf by leaf

"Farewell, farewell, oh summer breeze,
that has tickled, tossed, and teased"
The Aspen moan and wring their limbs
as their golden color fades and dims

A Walk Through September

By Mercedes (

Spindle thin row of
Aspen brothers, “I’ll reach the
Sky before you do!”

A Walk Through September

By Swampetta (

How the leaves look
All blowing and yellow.
Could even steal the heart
Out of a fellow.

Will you look back at that wonderful fall?
Trees dressed up in shades of red.
Some still were green
But the brown ones looked dead.

I sat and watched you
Thought of the love that we'd make.
But you,,,ya big moron,
You just grabbed a rake!

A Walk Through September

By Norma (

The aspen trees are whispering,
Butter colored, they flutter,
Their yellow bustles rustle,
Nikes crunch and shuffle.

Sway they as ballerinas dance,
Wind-bending prance from pale legs,
Breezes sound of sweet violins
And I gaze as in a trance.

Each alike tho each a personality,
Tall or flexing or gold or greening,
Inviting all to stare and study,
Nature’s own painting, a song of God.


By Painted Lady (

Like shafts of silver sunbeams
they rise up to the sky
topped with natures feathers
too high for you and I
and like the molting seasons
they peel off one by one
until September is no more
and all the leaves have gone.

A Walk Through September

By Marilyn (

In the air this morning
a near-opaque vapor -
the exhaling
summer heat -
surrender to
the cooler air of autumn.

I watch how Sol
punches through
leaves of butter,
puncturing the vapor
to do what the season calls for -
to orchestrate the eminent
arrival of fall.

I walk past burnished grasses,
a queue of birch trees,
gathering burrs on my jeans
and pine needles in my hair...
my feet kicking up grasshoppers.

'neath a sky of azure blue,
I walk through September.


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