Members of the message board were challenged to craft a poem around the title, "Amber Light of Dusk".

Fall is Nigh

By Tom (

Sun rising later and later
darkness comes earlier each day
the sweltering heat of summer
seems to be waning away

crisp the mornings
pumpkins turning yellow
red apples, red apples everywhere
leaves and plants turning

Cold front moving down from Canada
sweatshirt or jacket feeling good
tis the time of good sleeping weather
tis the time to just loll a bit

Fall arrives early in the high country
soon a big frost and skiff of snow
ah thank goodness
tis the land of four seasons

Yellow Becoming Prominent

Deep greens turning now
pale yellows lead to the browns
yellow the forests of aspen
yellow the Indian tobacco leaves

Goodbye to some of the greens
soon yellows and browns will abound
but yeah, the firs remain
keeping that beautiful green around

Time to dig taters pick the punkins
time to start winterizing
fall is waltzing in
winter not too far away.

An Autumn Day in River Park

By Cottage Lady (

Maple and Oak leaves glow
red, yellow, golden orange,

change to rust, crumble
into shadows of themselves,

and fall from trees;
grass and fields are leached

to brown, laden with dropped
twigs that crunch underfoot.

Sunlight diminishes
day by day.

Despite this my spirit
expands to drink in

such beauty as in no other season,
stores it, hoards it, so that

somewhere beneath the skull,
it is always autumn.

Ode to the End of Summer

By Sharon (

Ode to the end of summer
Where desert heat is such a bummer
When coolness of fall prevail
When devil's heat starts to derail

Mornings outside for pleasure sake
Gazing out at shimmering lake
Cottontail bunnies scamper about
Hopefully rain will end this drought

Ode to the end of summer
When Jubilee blossoms attract the hummer
Children are off for day at school
And daytime temperatures start to cool

I won't miss September's end
Nor will my thoughts of this defend
For cooler October I so enjoy
Spending more time outside oh boy

Ode to the end of summer
When cool fall is a comer
When outside the cooler air
Makes living here so much more fair

By Amy (

The Amber Light of Dusk

oh the amber light of dusk
is filled with the scent of musk
as i walk through the trees
i look up and think of thee

i picture your face,
you who created the human race
as the amber light of dusk,fills up my entire space
i think of your halo and i think of your grace

in the amber light of dusk, maybe im thinking way too much
but its so quiet and still,wow i just felt your touch
it was warm and glowing on my skin so fair
i know a touch from the one above is oh so very rare.

as i trod on to my abode
i think of you and your road
of all the healing and all the good you've done
i think of this until the morning sun.

until my day is done
and you are the only one

the shortening days of september
in this ninth month of the year
oh i fear i fear
that the temperature will never cool down
i say this with a frown

its been so hot out here in the west
110 degrees at its best
so many days of the hot sun
we still try to have some fun
as the shortening days of september begin to be done

as october rolls in, i pray the weather changes
so i can go up north to see the moutain ranges
as the shortening days of september come to a close
remember folks to stop and smell that red red rose

By Phyllis Ann (

Shortening Days of September

The Amber Light of Dusk, the Shortening Days of September,
Give me pause to reflect and days of old remember.

A certain melancholy sets in this time of year.
It is a combination of the past, present and future I fear.

Sometimes the thoughts of Winter send a chill up my spine,
And it causes me to look back and give in with attitude supine.

The days grow shorter and the light fades quick into darkness and gloom.
Only thoughts of Summer's long days can lift my spirits as I think of Crepe Myrtle blooms.

Another Spring may come following the Winter's cold and snow.
I am counting on it, and I hope it will be so.

Perhaps an Autumn Fest will give me a little cheer.
I will make a point to find one to visit to make a smile upon my face appear.

Colorful leaves, smoke filled Autumn days lie ahead.
A beautiful time of year when all is done and said.

The Amber Light of Dusk, the Shortening Days of September

By Norma (

Shimmering sunset amber and purple hues,
Dawn to dusk lights shrinking to a few,
If it were not so, it could almost be spring,
Crepe myrtles profuse lilt colors that sing.

Breezes carry gossip of impending fall,
Northern reds and yellow we call, to
Come on down, paint tired green leaves, that
Long to be admired a bit before freeze.

‘Til then we’ll savor short days of September,
Cooling eves time to barbecue ‘ere we slumber,
Heat drops slowly before landing at noon,
Tiny portents that fall may be soon.

September's Amber Light of Dusk

By susi Taylor (

The flower beds are all cleaned out and i've harvested the seed
I'll have plenty to go into the ground next Spring, for sure all I need
Another few weeks and the porch flowers will be finished
As the amber light of dusk comes early, and September is diminished

The porch swing pads are put away, cool evenings keep me in
That's always a sign that Autumn and Winter is about to begin
I take a walk around the grounds in the dusky golden amber
While storm clouds gather in the west, as September skies they slander

Beyond the beauty of evening's glow, the shortening of September
Brings closer the cold, sadness of discontent as winters we remember
Not looking forward to these storms and snows that cover up the earth
But afterwards we have the time each year that we can watch re-birth

The amber golden lights of dusk in the shortening of September
Gives way to thoughts of warm, comforting nights in front of a fire's embers
While the north wind blows and the fire glows, we think how lucky we are
That we can remember September's amber dusks, and look forward to many more.

Amber Light of Dusk

By Mercedes (

Amber autumn afternoon
Adagio to reckless June
Gradually fall snips away
The green the grass the summer hay
Surrender to her tenderly
Her twilight days
Her dwindling light
Wrap yourself in a Harvest Moon
And dream inside her warm cocoon
Embrace these dazzling autumn days,
For too soon...winter.


September Blue

Haiku: Sunflowers

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