Over the years, Emiliano has submitted a number of poems to this website, which you can find in the archives. Now he has published a book titled, "Aphorisms of My Humor". I have read his book and liked it very much. His wit and humor put a smile on my face.

Scroll down the page and look for the link to his publisher's web site.


by Emiliano Martin
ISBN 0-7414-6198-6 @2010
is a bilingual collection of original sayings that reflect the mood of its author every time he felt compelled to be thoughtful and analytical about life.

No lion can fight against an army of flees.
The over crest river floods the surroundings.
The puddle with no depth cannot hold the rain.
Flexibility has its limits… go and ask a rubber band.

By November 6th, 2010…. the book will be available through:
AMAZON.com and/or the publisher’s website…
1094 New DeHaven street, suit 100,
West Conshohocken, PA. 19428-2713
toll free (877) BUY BOOK
Local phone (610) 941 9999
The book is also available at:


EMILIANO MARTIN is the founder and former director of the Philadelphia Poetry Forum; also, a past president of the Latin American Guild for the Arts. Born in Madrid, he has authored nine chapbooks of poetry and a large collection of poems in his native Spanish with his English translations. Emiliano is an avid writer of “letters to the editor” published by The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Bucks County Courier Times. He has read widely at schools and other venues throughout the area.

~TANKA~ (Summer)

Summer came and went
just like the other seasons
have done in the past
leaving behind memories
that crossed the “t’s” of our lives.

By Emiliano Martin (Poeta48@aol.com)


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