This is My Spot

This is my spot. Don't anyone dare challange me for it. I am King Cat of the house. Oh how I love a warm fireplace. Now, if I could find a good stick to roast a mouse on the fire, everything would be perfect.

© By Sharon (


Itís the Monday after it all, the house
As peaceful as a cat in front of the fireplace,
Chopin is playing, the paper is gathered,
Kitty looks for the company who left his place.

Lonely is he for he got attached, still
Independent, self-sufficient are cats.
When Kitty embraces that he is alone,
His head will curl, his eyelids close, thatís that,

Kitty reflects, Kitty rules the Monday morning fireplace.

© By Norma (

Sunshine and Firelight

She lies on an island
of sunshine in the living room,
a small patch placed just so,
paws outstretched,
sleeping in its glow.

As the patch dissipates, she seeks
another sunny island in the bedroom,
a castaway searching for a place
to land in comfort,
shaking off the water of weariness.

As the islands disappear beneath her
like Atlantis into the ocean,
she rises to seek another
comfortable sanctuary of sunshine,
more secluded than the one before.

She spends her days thus
saving herself from drowning,
seeking each island of sunshine along the way,
my burnished golden tortoise
Egyptian Deity.

In evening time, when day is done,
she appropriately substitutes
the warmth and glow of firelight for sun,
she glances at me as if to say
this is a good way to complete my day.

© By Cottage Lady(

Old Year, New Year

I know you're glad it's over
The Christmas tree is down
That mouse no longer has a cover
And you are, again, king of this town

I know I'm glad it is on its way
Christmas season lasts way too long
And I don't feel bad when I say
Christmas caroles have sung their swan song

The house is back in shape same as before
Vacuumed and dusted, new towels up, bed is made
Cat sleeps in front of the fireplace, hear him snore
As Christmas memories become faint and fade

But another will take its place twelve months from now
and it's all to be done all over again
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy a year of an occasional meow
And to you all I'll raise my glass of champagne
Happy New Year!!

© By susi Taylor (

Tiny and Ms

Here comes the dog again, and I'll have to share my spot.
He is not very big, just a wee little tot.

I know he loves me, I can tell.
In fact, personally, I think he's swell.

His name is Tiny, he's a tea cup you know.
Although he is small, he is not slow.

A right bright little chap that he is.
He's a Chihuahua, and they call me Ms.

© By Phyllis Ann (

So Cozy and Warm

Log on the fire everything neat
oh so cozy and warm
but oh my goodness let me see
where do I curl up and sleep

Bucket for ashes, basket for wood
I do not think they understand
for goodness gracious mercy me
I like to sleep on the grate

Fire a blazing oh so hot
people are all watching the box
now if I curl up on the run
surely someone will step on my tail

Why oh why, why indeed
do they not look around and see
I know it is the Yule season
but I am still the boss around here.

© By Tom (


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