Members of the message board were challenged to craft a poem incorporating the five senses on the theme of autumn.

Autumn in Arizona

By Sharon (

Oleanders emitting aroma for nose
Sneezing sneezing that's the way it goes
Oh boy a lemon is left upon the tree
The taste so sharp on the tongue of me
Meandering all over is a family of quail
One on rooftop calling, I hear him hail
I feel a briskness in the fall time air
The hot summer has gone I do not care
Overhead white puff clouds in sky
And a brown hawk effortlessly does fly
Desert surrounded with pleasures of fall
As wildlife awakens to nature's call

Autumn Fills My Senses

By Cottage Lady (

Trees offer a riot of color:
green turns to red, yellow, orange,
persimmon, and crimson,
shades mimicked
in glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Fences and street lamps decorated
with dried corn sheaves and husks,
front yard and window displays of
ghosts, goblins, spiders and pumpkins,
forays into haunted houses and corn mazes.

The distinctive sound of Canada Geese honking,
the final buzzing of bees, wasps and hornets
as the season’s work is done,
the hiss and pop of sprinklers in the neighborhood
as they are turned off before first frost.

At a touch, once firm brown cattails
burst their rust brown pods
dispersing downy fluff and seeds,
berries squeezed dry of their juices,
leaves become brittle, crumble in your fingers.

The crunch of apples that snap at a bite,
their hot softness baked in pies and crisps,
the sweetness of cider from a farm stand,
the taste of pumpkin pie lavishly
spiced with ginger, cloves and nutmeg.

The sharp earthy aroma
of decaying vegetation near the pond,
the pungent smell of wood smoke as it curls
into early morning and evening air,
the tantalizing tang of autumn odors,
a sense of cold and pristine winter to come.

The Sound of an Acorn Falling

By Amy (

we went to prescott yesterday a few aspens were in bloom but not many colors were showing yet.out west fall comes late even up north sometimes .prescott is about ninety miles north of phoenix.we went to a place called lynxx lake very popular place to relax hike or fish.or boat in canoe etc.lots of pine trees.we then went on into prescott arizona and saw a few golden rain trees they were beautiful. we saw many acorns falling to the ground if they hit the pavement they made a soft sound .i have photos of it our trip on facebook.

the smells of the pine trees were very prevalent and strong.we heard leaves crackling in the courthouse square in downtown prescott as we walked. we smelled the roses yes roses and other flowers at charlotte hall my favorite place in prescott to go.

we tasted some apple cider at a roadside orchard and we felt the nip of fall in the air on our faces . was a wonderful day and a wonderful trip.

By Phyllis Ann (

Tennessee Autumn

It is Autumn in Tennessee,
But only a few changing colors I see.

Jack Frost hasn't visited enough for the changes to take place.
It is very dry, perhaps Indian Summer smiles giving us another warm embrace.

The smells are not present on this very warm Autumn day.
There are only a few dry leaves on the ground of brittle brown decay.

The stores are full of pumpkins, apples, cider and Fall arrangements to buy.
However, it still feels like Summer and Apple Pie.

I haven't heard many aviary calls of the Autumn Season.
There isn't any water for the birds, and I fear that is the reason.

Touching the smooth and rough texture of a gourd, I know it is that time of the year.
The weather is not cooperating with the Season, and the reason is not very clear.

By Tom (

Autumn and Our Five Senses

Sitting on an old stump in a large oak copse
quiet the day, shotgun in hand
listening, quietly listening
is there anything about?

I hear it, hear them so distinctly
the sound of acorns falling on the
dry leaves lying there on the forest floor
soon the sounds resonate like rapid gun shots

Squirrel on my left begins to make a noise
soon one way ahead of me responds
all at once a squirrel’s confab
it is time to play

Stored lots of acorns and nuts
hollow tree full to the brim
tag, tag, tag they began
lean back and watch, forget squirrel stew.


Frosted last night, good frost
walk out to the west pasture
persimmon trees loaded
get there before the possums and coons

Ground is covered with
the large lush multicolor fruit
pick up one, too firm
second one seems right

Bite into it, “Aah, oh yes!”
quickly it is gone try another
sour, tart, mouth turns wrong-side out
yucks oh my a green simmon

Look over to a larger tree
movement, two possums
hear a snarl and hiss
two coons over there

Better hurry, get my sack full
good sweet ripe persimmons
mother nature’s fall dessert
best eaten from the tree


Large turkey oak leaf
so perfect, pick it up
hard, feel of leather
its brown skin deceiving

So soft the green leaves
swaying in the summer breeze
then yellow and then red
now dry and feels hard and leathery

Leaves falling some wafting down
warm the fall afternoon
all those big green leaves
drying up, soon fertilizer


Smells of fall calling me
ripe apples big persimmons
squashed pumpkins
dry fallen leaves, stinky weeds

Sensory aromas all about
last of the tomatoes, ripe squash
apple butter making, cider press squeezing
fall flowers all in bloom

Aroma of cooking soup
thoughts of turkey late next month
tis fall, lovely fall
coming a smooth white layer


Summer is full of greens everywhere
then comes the laziness of fall
brown predominates in the end
but yellows, reds and orangish blends jump in

Some trees bright with colors
others maybe a beautiful yellow
but the fir remains the same
acts as a base, for all others

Colors you see depend on you
also where in the country you live
the northern parts so pretty
down south not much snow

From the iris and crocus challenging the snow
to the mums and asters after first frost
oh the colors and aromas
through summer and fall
then there is winter.

Autumn Senses

By Norma (

The morning’s brisk of breeze,
The frisk of pets
Dew cool and wet
Ragweed tickling a sneeze

Darker dawns and sunsets early
Firing up a barbecue
The scent of pine logs sawed in two
Reliving pioneers burly.

Just tips of yellow here down South
Tired deep blue/green hue
Football burnt orange of TU
Skeleton hanging with a frightening mouth.

Caramel apples dripping sticky,
Orange Peeps and candy corn,
A “Fresh Harvest” stand is born,
By an overcalled farmer called Mickey.

Children squealing in tempered days,
New warm boots cop clopping
Listen for pecons and acorns dropping
As you crunch along your ways.

Soon rakes will be a-scraping,
There’ll be piles of gold and red,
Lawn and leaf bags fat and fed,
All nature to begin its sleeping.


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