Members of the message board were challenged to craft a poem or do some musing around the topic of carving a pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Patch

By Amy (

My grandaughter went to the pumkin patch
to find the perfect pumpkin entwined in the thatch
she found one big and round and bare
so she brought it home to decorate and to scare

all the children who came on halloween
all the ghosts goblinds and a queen
oh my goodness she carved it so well
she used black to line it as i can tell

she made it scary as can be
she will watch the childrens faces to see
how many will laugh how many will scream
i wonder if she ll get photos at the scene

some pumpkins are scary some are fun
carve them to suit you and when you are done
sit a candle deep inside let it glow all hallows eve
see what you can perceive


Carving a Pumpkin

By Sharon (

"Who said that?"
"Me you idiot!"
"I'm not an idiot. But who said that?"
"Me who?"
"The one you are sticking that knife into?"
"Oh my, a talking pumpkin."
"Ouch! Stop sticking that knife into me."
"Well, you wouldn't be talking if I hadn't given you a mouth."
"Still hurts just as bad."
"I should have only given you eyes and a nose. You complain too much."
"Too late! You already gave me a mouth."
"My mistake!"
"Ouch! stop cutting me."
"Too late! It's all done."
"Hey cutie."
"Who said that?
"Me silly!"
"Wow! You are beautiful."
"Thank you. You look pretty good yourself."
"If I'd known you two would be so talkative, I would never have carved faces for you.

Think I'll give you away. Can't have all this chattering going on."
"Well don't give us to that Jones family. Their boys will stomp us into the ground."
"I think I'll take you two over to Elm st. There's a lonely widower I would like to meet."

Carving a Pumpkin

By Tom (

Pumpkin patch filled with oranges and yellows
shocks of corn all around
fall is here, nearing that time
let us all make Jack O’ Lanterns

Into the field we go
thousands strewn around
which one is for me
find that special one for you

Seeds and more seeds there are
dry them for roasting later
clean it out before you begin
make sure the top is beveled

Draw a face, make it ugly
sharpen the good paring knife
slowly cut each bit
don’t forget the jagged teeth

Find a candle short and fat
get it all situated
Set your Jack O’ Lantern on the porch
wait for nightfall, then light it

But, oh yes indeed the day after
mom will peel and cube it
punkin pies for Thanksgiving
it is a great season

By Phyllis Ann (

Carving A Pumpkin

As our children were growing up, they loved carved pumpkins at Halloween. Their Dad was very good at carving. One year we decided to save the seeds and plant them. We spread them out on the garage floor on newspaper to dry. The field mice came in and ate them.

The time of late October was always a time when children got sick with colds and such. If they weren't sick at Halloween, it was a miracle. I have a picture of our oldest daughter carving a pumpkin with her Dad at the kitchen table. She is wearing a bathrobe and pajamas because, yes, she was sick. I have another of her in her Halloween costume on the front porch, after the fact. She missed the school party because, yes, she was sick. That was the bad part of Fall in Indiana, a lot of illness.

There were years though, when they weren't sick. I have a picture of our youngest with a tiny pumpkin that was just the right size for a 3 1/2 month old baby. She was all smiles.

Our oldest daughter, who is now 45, threw some seeds out one year. Some landed in a hollow tree stump. Now, every year she has a big pumpkin in that stump. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the first one.

Pumpkin Time

It's pumpkin carving time in Indiana again,
Also the harvest and the grinding of the sugar cane.

The time of year is here for falling leaves and Carmel apples.
We had cider and not all the flavored Snapples.

Candy corn and scare crows were to be found all around.
It was time for haunted houses and Ghost Town.

Some years were warm, others were cold.
The flu and viruses were uncontrolled.

Costumes, candy and parties were part of the fun,
But the main attraction was the great pumpkin which was always number one.

By Norma (

Hands on a Pumpkin Face

You unfinished playful pumpkin,
Hide your silly grin,
You’re a great surprise,
For a little boy named “Ben.”

He’s coming home from Buffalo
You’re going to be his window light,
To cheer him from his long ordeal,
We’re having a party for Ben tonight.


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