Christmas Lights
By susi Taylor (

Up and down the street I see
Santa Claus and Christmas trees
White lighted reindeer nodding their heads
Houses glowing bright blue and red

The utility company loves this season
And Christmas lighting is the reason
Everyone tries to see who can be brighter
And next month their billfold will be lighter

Spiral trees sparkle, off and on they shine
With every color in their design
Big balloons of Christmas Scooby-Doo
And I've even seen some of Winnie-the-Pooh

Now there are snowglobes with flakes going 'round
As if we didn't have enough on the ground
There are lighted candy canes lining the drives
All this shows that Christmas is here, and thrives!

The yard decorations that I like the most
Is the nativity scene and the heavenly host
It is really what Christmas tries to impart
So we'll keep the True reason in our heart

Homeless at Christmas

Thoughts of Christmas are in the minority
Attempts at keeping warm, a priority
Curled up in a doorway and out of the wind
Long ago Christmas memories are growing dim

It seems like only yesterday they were young
Just a few days ago when school bells rung
Then grown and gone, thru trial and error
Some lived thru a war that was full of terror

They were business owners, husbands and wives
They were mothers, fathers, with kids and lives
Celebrated Christmas for the children's sake
Never dreaming of the twists their lives would take

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason
They are homeless and hopeless this Christmas season
I don't know the "something" I can do but pray
For their lives to turn around this Christmas Day

The Memory Tree

Today was filled with memories
Each ornament has its history
An old green ball with stripes of pink
"It's as old as me" I always think

The tiny red Avon ornament toys
Collected over the years for the boys
Cute tiny Barbies with golden curls
Placed on the tree by three little girls

At the Family Christmas party, ornaments traded,
Some made with photos that now are faded
A black and white Pierrot, with it's tear,
A blown glass nurse holding a needle in the air

A fat round Santa with a real hair beard
And a wind up ball with a song to be heard
Ahhh, here's the crystal angel with his horn
A hanging Christmas card with the corner torn

A story for each, happy thoughts or sad
Of all the Christmas parties we had
We exchanged ornaments in family fun
But now those days have passed and gone

Folks have left for whatever reason
And there are no parties at this season
The only ornaments I have now are these
Hanging on my Christmas tree of memories

The Reason for the Season

These are the lyrics to a song written by my sister,
Norma Taylor Pippin, and my self, Susi Taylor

We sing songs at Christmas
of silent nights and snow
Christmas trees and presents
candles all aglow
But the reason for the season
is one we all know
About a child who was born
a long, long time ago

We sing songs of children
of Santa Claus and toys
Candy canes and holly
faces bright with joy
But the reason for the season
is one we all know
About a child who was born
a long, long time ago


This child was born of lowly birth
He died a king, but not of earth
His Kingdom's in the heaven above
Where he rules over us with love

We sing songs of praises
of happiness and love
Songs about three wise men
and the star above
But the reason for the season
is the man we all know
As Jesus Christ who was born
A long, long time ago

The Loneliest Christmas

I remember, many years ago
A Christmas in San Antonio
Under grey, rain-laden skies
I sat, alone, with tear-laden eyes

No tree with lights in my living room
Small apartment swathed in gloom
"Merry Christmas" just empty words
Said to no one, and no one heard

Of course, the family called with cheer
And I laughed and chatted for them to hear
How spending Christmas alone wasn't so bad
As long as I talked to them it wasn't sad

But the day dragged on, it seemed without end
Holidays are no fun without family or friend
a memorable Christmas? Just ash, with no ember
to light up the past, no joy to remember

So now, each Christmas Day that I am here
Is a memorable day with loved ones near
And here's my advice to anyone wanting to roam
There's no place to be at Christmas but home

By susi Taylor (


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