The amber leaves revolve then drop and sigh
as trees undress their arms of summer gowns.
Their leafy pirouette delights the sky
but broken moon above resides in frowns.

The rocking trees will sway in heavenís night,
to keep the forestís waltz in step and rhyme.
A canopy holds earth in crowns of light,
and lovers sob despite the stars and chime.

The wind will swallow voice and pine for rains
to pulse and sew its fringe upon the eaves.
The branches bare will drum on vacant panes
and sing angelic tones if sorrow grieves.

Will solace heed the forestís sound in psalm
if leafless willows weep with worried brow?
She sways with rhythmic pulse to feel the calm,
the widow wipes her tears away for now.

By Marilyn Terwilleger (mterwilleber@bresnan.net)


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