Fall Colors

When I resided in the east,
Autumn meant THANKSGIVING a big feast,
In which to celebrate with friends,
and to carve the beast.

Colors of red, gold, and green
created a picture so serene.

Autumn leaves floated to the ground,
squirels were always always around,
filling their cheeks with nuts and such,
scampering and running from our touch

raking was fun when we were young,
piling them high and jumping in,
flying kites with string unstrung,
family gatherings with all the kin.

Then came the wind and the leaves did blow,
knowing the day would come for the snow.
oh no, snow!

Autumn is over and winter's begun,
different kind of fun,
skiing and skating 'oer the the snow,
through the woods to grandmas we go.

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)


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