When the garbage pail overflows
Spilling its bilge into life of loved one
So that the special one no longer glows
It's an evil thing that is done

Someone hurts the one you love
You want to rage you want to cry
Then if push comes to shove
How can this happen and ask why

When bad happens to someone dear
At first all you can do is cry
The most sorrowful of all tear
And feel like you want to die

Anger takes place in your heart
You want to scream and retaliate
It rends your whole self apart
You just can't help it, you hate

Someone special didn't deserve
To be harmed in such a way
You have to hold temper in reserve
And help the loved one through the day

You can't vent your anger it will not aid
So just give love the best you might
Let the anger hide and fade
And hug that dear one very tight

Love will show he or she the way
For it is strength to make it through
No matter the sadness on that day
They can always come to you

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


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