By Brier (

My son said he needed new shoes
The simple wish made me recall
Granddad had all the equipment
there in the basement

Granddad resoled all his shoes
He could fix most things
He hunted most small animals
He was pleased with himself.

He was precious to me
When i got the call saying
Time is short.
I got to Pa and spent all the time I could.

He was the man I always knew
Perhaps an extra tear
But still strong and manly.
Still showing me love.

To love another person, always
That tells us how great they love
He remembered as the fluids dripped
Which grandchild I was.

He recalled the people who hurt me
How easliy my feelings were hurt
He said he was sorry
It was never his fault.

He was my Granddaddy,
Always, even now
I feel so close to him.
Still I feel his love.

The stern coal miner
Russian man speaking words
I can't understand
but I tried.

By Brier(


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