Her Garland Grows

Capricious spring has left with much ado
replaced by echoes warming breath
that peels the skin of winter back to thaw
the gurgling brook and icy moor

The summer never claimed to set me free
in paths of butterflies she cast
when her leaves unfurl in glistening green
and flower nectar sweet of bloom

Instead she let the garland grow in shades
of baby breath and coral wings
A touch of sapphire light on honeyed fern
becomes a promise heaven keeps

Her beauty sweeps the lacquered ground and stones
a rake of sky will hurl the stars
above the moon and over brims of earth
escorting sun with streaks of maize

She spreads her petticoats like dancers will
adorns my path with butterflies
and lets them light my way with velvet hues
where summer frees me from the cold

By Marilyn Terwilleger (mterwilleger@bresnan.net)


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