The Hick and the Lady

Two opposites they were in most ways,
she suave and urbane,
he a simple hick from the sticks.
they met looking at radishes.

They talked as if old friends,
knowing they would never meet again,
she in the townhouses on the hill,
he from down on the lane.

Happenstance and fate came their way,
as they met while walking one day.
they spoke of nature, clouds and rain,
both did quote a line of poetry well known.

Then she saw him in the book store,
she buying the number one seller,
he looking at close-out sales.
he invited her to walk on Saturday morn.

They walked, talked and enjoyed,
these two from worlds apart.
he hoped she would invite him in,
she wanted but figured it were not proper.

One year went by, then two and more,
always walking and talking about things.
He was much more intelligent than he let on,
she wanted all to think she was of the genius ilk.

Then one day he gave her a gift,
a funny looking stone on a pendant.
she thought it cheap, shoddy and yuck,
all of her friends thought it the thing.

One day as they walked,
they came to a fork in the trail.
She said she was going the other way,
he doffed his hat and said good day.

Now she is lonely sitting on her perch,
wishing she had used better sense that day.
On Sunday she saw his picture in the paper,
he was sort of an odd millionaire!

Such is life, especially if you do not talk,
talk about the right things.
He walks alone, enjoying life,
she all alone both of them wishing!

By Tom (



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