little black dress
earth (Earth)

Members of the message board were challenged to use the words from the list above in a poem. Below are their entries.

Little Black Dress

By Tom (

Wine was ruby sparkling in the sun
we were out to have some fun
too late to go home, to the top of the hill
ruby red wind, looking down on the mill

Her little black dress fit so tight
I wanted her so, with all of my might
there on the bald knob, were were a pair
were not dressed to go to the fair

The Earth, the big orb going round
black the earth absorbing the sound
barefoot we were in the early morn
standing there far from forlorn

She holding a stuffed monkey
won from a vendor who was not spunky
ah the love we shared
standing there, going no where

Chinatown her I Pod played
that old tune going a long way
sun coming up, ruby red we supped
heard a wailing, it was a lost pup

Put the pup in a Styrofoam box
time was flying, elusive as a fox
it was then I re-proposed
knew she had that ring in my nose

We took the pup home, went to bed
fell asleep instead
lay entwined as one
to each other, we were the one

Little Black Dress

By Sharon (

Ruby donned her little black dress
Oh how it caused her such stress
What on earth we heard her exclaim
It no longer fits what a shame
She wandered down to China Town
To buy from a vendor a new gown
There was one made of Styrofoam
She refused to buy and went on home

Little Black Dress

By Cottage Lady (

Young Ruby was so excited, over the top,
not to say extremely delighted,

as she peeked into the Styrofoam box
that she had kept hidden in her closet.

She took out the little black dress
that she had hidden there for just such an occasion.

The dress was special and such a great deal,
bought from a vendor in a downtown stall,

tucked away in an alleyway on Earth Street
in not such a great part of town, but oh so cheap.

Ruby had a big date with her guy Jake,
who was coming to escort her to the movie, Chinatown,

and then out for a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant
where she would flaunt her little black dress and drink ruby red Cabernet.

Little Black Dress

By Phyllis Ann (

The trolley to Chinatown slowed as it reached its destination.
The passengers disembarked at the little railway station.

A shop window displayed a little black dress of satin with a Mandarin collar.
It was a lovely creation sold at a price denoting the American dollar.

A vendor was selling Egg Drop soup in a Styrofoam cup to a lunchtime Cop.
Wares and interesting items along the way betrayed the destination of the stop.

The Green Earth displayed many Chinese made products of varying degree.
A favorite was Chinese Herbal Tea.

Ruby red lacquer adorned the front of the store selling a variety of fans.
They looked beautiful when held in a Geisha's lovely china doll hands.


By Marilyn (

Manhattan's Chinatown was on her list
of places she wanted to visit.
So far she'd been to Central Park, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building.
She would go to Chinatown next.

A subway ride, then several blocks on foot.
Sidewalk vendors along the way, selling watches and imported 'leather' boots.
Chinatown's streets were narrow, the sidewalks crowded.
Fish markets everywhere: fresh fish, eels, and baby octopus.

Oriental fans and ginger jars stood on display in shop windows,
Chinese menus, Chinese characters...where could she go for directions?
A bunch of ruby grapes were tempting......
But she must not spoil her appetite, for Won-Ton soup was was waiting.

A Chinese waiter who didn't speak English?
How on earth did he manage when so many English-speaking customers were there?
Wall mirrors reflected diners using chopsticks,
And herself wearing a little black dress.

Oh my, she thought when severa dishes of food appeared.
I'll never eat this much; I only ordered soup.
A man at a table across the room caught her eye and smiled.
He got up, walked over, and said, "May I sit for awhile?"

He had seen her on the sidewalk, just before she came in.
He had seen her before that, he admitted, and described the place.
"I saw you in Central Park yesterday....
You were wearing a white hat and a pretty blue dress."

"Yes," she said, smiling.
They talked about the sights they'd seen, and about their plans for the next day.
When they finished their meal, the waiter brought
a small Styrofoam box for what was left.
Her new friend insisted on paying for the meal and when it was time to go, they left together.

The Ruby Ring

By susi (

My mother wore a ruby ring
I found among her box of things
Given to her by my dad
Her wedding ring and the ruby ring
the only ones she ever had

I remember when I lived in San Antonio
I had a little black dress with a red rose
I wore it on a date with a guy named Scharmann
Who I found out was not all that charmin'

Pearl Sydenstricker was her name at birth
Grew up to be Pearl Buck, who wrote "The Good Earth"
A Nobel Prize in Literature was what she won
The first American woman to do so
Wa'al son of a gun!!

A New York City scene that I remember
Was the first time I had seen a chestnut vendor
I bought some that were pipin' hot
They really did hit the spot.

While on that New York City trip
In Chinatown I chanced to slip
upon a wonton wrapper under my foot
Learned from then on where my feet to put

I hate opening a package only to see
Styrofoam peanuts waiting for me
to dig thru and find the treasure there
while they go flying thru the air

Happy Birthday or Not

By Norma (

A lover of all things Chinese
Received gifts of Oriental flavor,
A cork sculpture was one of these,
A China town tiny to favor.

Another was a ruby red box,
Lacquered with a peacock grand,
Velvet lined and musical,
She caressed it in her hand.

The vendor was a thrift store,
So costly the gifts were not.
But they had to be mailed somehow,
The giver had forgot.

In her little black dress she waved so long,
Got on a Southwest Airplane,
Last thing she sang was a plaintive song,
Send my gifts, with anxiety Iím insane.

There were others, an old gold bowl,
And a splurge of Shishedo perfume,
So protective she would not try to take them
Tho cross the earth they had found her room.

Shipped each will they be one by one,
Without the benefit of Styrofoam,
Packed in popcorn will they be,
To find their way to the birds at her home.

(They were costly enough to be insured, so will be mailed separately so if one gets lost they don't all get lost. Next time - gift certificate!)


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