Look What I See
By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Lookie, lookie, come and see,
Look what Santa did bring to me!
A train set, whoopee! I got a train set.
Now an engineer and fireman I can be.

Oh how pretty, oh how neat,
My train runs around the tree.
Look there is a station
Named for our town.

A water tank to fill to fill the boiler,
And a coal chute to give it go juice.
Better not spill any on the rug,
Or my Mom with the big boss is. He hee

Big Boy Engine, wowie,
Eleven cars on my freight,
Got a railroad crossing,
And a station with a signal bar.

Boy oh boy, thanks so much,
Bet Dad will want to play with my train,
He and I can take turns,
Wearing the Engineerís hat.

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

Mommie and Sis put up the Christmas tree,
Wowie, oh lookie what I do see.
Lights, lights, pretty lights,
Canít touch them for my fingers will get burnt.

A big angel on top of the tree, \
Daddy put it there,
Stood on a ladder and nearly fell,
Momma did really fuss at him.

Satin balls I cannot touch
For I may make them crunch,
But silver bells they do knell
As tinsel I do hang up.

Icicles, oh lots of icicles,
And that is my job,
But not a ladder for
I often cause a splatter.

Dad let me flock the tree,
But I got more on him and me,
But then the candy canes,
I get to eat those peppermint sticks.

Maybe when I get older,
And do not make a mess,
I will get to hang some ornaments,
But until then, just a hander I am

My Brother and His Hobby Horse

My brother has never to Wyoming been,
But he is a great horseman.
He stands in the saddle and yells too,
As he does ride the range.

Brother Bill is only about a year,
But his hobby horse he does love.
Rides it hard but canít lasso,
Maybe next year he will learn.

A hobby horse for a boy,
Lets him have a pet and keep it inside,
Then he can ride the range,
And catch those rustlers each time out.

But my brotherís hobby horse,
Is no good for the rodeo.
It does not move and cut when asked,
But it does him give a lot of contentment.

Thank you Santa, thanks a lot,
For now at our house
A cowboy we have,
My brother on his hobby horse.

The Gingerbread House

Grandma, oh grandma, pretty please,
Can we a gingerbread house make?
Can we mix up the dough
And then bake it and smell up the house?
Can we then make a gingerbread house,
Then decorate it like a miniature doll house?

Oh put lots of ginger in the dough,
Make it so aromatic it will be.
Icing of red, green and white,
We will make windows and
Even make bows,
Put icicles on the eaves we will.

Grandma, can I help,
Can I help you the batter make?
Can I help stir it too,
And Grandma, can I lick the bowl?
Soon we will a gingerbread house have,
For I have the best Grandma, there is around.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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