Maybe One More Cup

furnace running, sun is up
cloudy skies coffee cold
things to do places to go
maybe just one more cup

Blue Jays squawking, wanting peanuts
need to shovel the sidewalk
think about the tasks ahead
maybe just one more cup

Words Thrown About

consternation, invitation, condemnation,
frown and moue
smile and grin
which will surely win

divination, saturation,
words thrown about
thoughts and prayer
riding up underwear

Akila, remember back to that
all seem to be getting too fat
seat too small, try a park bench
clothes all shrunk, what a turn of events

stop and think, look about
seems the world has left me out
everything so very fast
cannot get hold, cannot it grasp.

Start again, wondering
or am I just a damn fool?
sky a falling, hole in the dam
shall we sail to Tsuri, Nam?

By Tom (


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