Merry Christmas to All
By Diana Mercedes Howell (

December is a the round up month
Of endings and beginnings
The southern swing of sol will end
Then soon the drooling jaws of winter
Howling desolate and lonely
Beg for mercy up your street
And down your chimney

With the holidays upon us
Shoppers shop like crazed piranhas
Seems like no one got the memo
On the reason for the season.

We lose our grip on God's goodwill
Just as the mall garage is filled
Then peace and love is just a chorus
"How dare you take that spot, that's ours!"

December is a manic month
Of deadlines and to-do lists
The lights go up, libations down
The bourbon balls get passed around

Party conversation humming
Time to panic! Santa's coming!
An open house, the Church buffet
Another pound around the waist

Traffic, baking, wrapping, caroling
School gets out, the in-laws comin' in
Eight days light the bright Menorah
In Bethlehem the Child is born

A light to lead the way.
Take a breath and think of Him
The One who came
Erased our sins

Then lounge before a roaring fire
Ginger snaps and apple cider
Contemplate the old year ending
New one near, a bright new penny

Fewer flubs this time around
Empty plate, untrammeled ground
Join the noisy revelers
Then seize the brand new year - it's yours.

She Was a Wee Thing

She was a wee thing
Not big enough to go
She stayed home asleep
In her bed not
Old enough know.

"Its past her bedtime
It just would not do
Shed be tired and cranky
In the morning.
Best let her be,"
Her mother decreed.

Still, one Christmas Eve,
Really, Christmas morning
They woke her up
Well before dawn
They were all in the living room
Still dressed from church

Parents and siblings
Excited and smiling
Eyes twinkling
She had no inkling
What was up and
Not knowing what
To make of it
Burst into tears.

They only smiled wider
And laughed and Daddy
Rolled a brand new shiny
24 inch bicycle into the room
Which made her cry harder
And made them laugh louder

And so was her introduction
To her very first bike
And what it feels like
To be up way past midnight
And Mom says you can open one.

The next year she too, got to go
To Midnight Mass
Deserted streets, quiet
Like on no other day
But Christmas,
They packed the pews
To standing room only
Bundled up and blessed

The only lights on in the town
Candle glow and incense
A tacit bond between worshippers
Being the very first to offer wishes
To Him on this day.

Merry Christmas to All

Jane was at the shopping mall
She had to go, she didn't know
Where else to find the sweater divine
Daughter chose from Macys online
Teens don't care for surprises
Jane doesn't care for the trip back
To exchange, the only day stores
Are busier than the weeks before
Is the day after.

Tried to make it quick so she chose
Valet parking, in-laws coming in from
Chicago at 4 PM, she hoped to beat
The snowfall predicted for early evening
They had left the tree, so tall the tip
Brushed the ceiling - undecorated
It would be fun to re-enact family
Adorning the tree enjoying nog,
Bourbon balls and a crackling fire
Even her teen daughter who had lately
Placed family obligations on the lowest rung
Of her importance ladder promised
To clear her calendar and bring Todd
As long as Daddy would not make comments
On Todd's hair.

She tipped the valet person -
Placed her packages in the trunk
For security, snaked her way out
With the rest of the crowd
And found her place in line on the freeway
Mentally checking off things done
And things to be done, the one thing
In neon, flashing on the reader board
That scrolled in her mind - take some time
For just she and Bob - away from the hubbub
Find an excuse for just they two
Take a drive, stop somewhere and share
A cup, linger, hold hands, look into his eyes
And just BE, Merry Christmas to us
Then Merry Christmas to all!

By Diana Mercedes Howell (



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