November is a splendid month
The quiet child, no big fuss
A corner on the calendar
Before we make the turn for winter
Time to pause and reconsider.


Maples shedding leaf confetti
Summer yellows, pumpkin orange
Beckon us to bid farewell
Blink, another season's gone.

The air is Margarita chilled
Breathe in deeply, drink your fill
Quench your thirst for cooler seasons
Don't explain you have your reasons.

Gusts of wind bring leaves to life
In haunted swirling circles
Stirring memories long forgotten
Have I passed this way before?

All at once the trees are bare
Solitude in sillouette
A leaf yet clinging here and there
Stubborn little orphanettes

Branches naked, nest abandoned
Warblers heading places Latin
Half an ounce of beating wing
Such a tiny fragile thing!

Life is dying so it seems
In the waning daylight
Clouds assemble,
Gloom convention,
Why is death so beautiful?

By Diana Mercedes Howell (



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