November Winds

And now comes November's east wind
Weak sun shines thru the scudding clouds
Indian Summer now is over and says farewell
Leaves fall and are disbursed like concert crowds

I think of winter ahead spent here in the house
Watching the snow fall out in the yard
This autumn's black and brown wooly worm
tells us that this winter will be hard

I'll light the fire, turn on the stereo
Bake a batch of cookies, steep a pot 'o tea
You never know when a friend or two
Will come over to visit me

The temperature drops a few degrees
The November east wind becomes a bit strong
What is it the weather man is saying?
"This falling snow is going to last long."

Thanksgiving Day is coming up so swiftly
I'm going to my daughter's for a great feast
Unless the weather hangs on like this
Not fit for man nor for beast.

November east wind, calm thyself
Settle down to just a breeze
Let the snow stop for the holiday
And put my mind at ease

By susi Taylor (


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