my mama made them all from rags
she got them from the feed store called them feedbags
mama made dresses and skirts and such
she used those feedbags added her special touch
we wore them proud even to school
she said we did not look like a fool

she made covers for mixers
she never ever tasted an elixer
she made them for toasters and bread boxes too
mama i have this memory of you

my favorite thing my mama made me
was the clothespin bag that i hung on a tree
it went through two wars, and lots of storms
when it was done it was all tattered and torn

i used that bag every day of my life
hangin my clothes on the lines that wouldn't be cut with a knife
in rain and snow and even ice
we wanted our sheets to smell so nice

i've even hung clothes on that old clothesline
with my boots on and scarf entwined
around my neck to keep out the chill
my clothes were hung stiff and still

oh those pants hangers made of wire
pullin and tuggin them off made me tire
stiff as a board, when you brought them in
all for his work they were so thin

clothespins i'm sure are a thing of the past
a wooden pin would last and last
then came the stupid metal kind
snap, pop, and down on the ground you would find

a dozen or so on every wash day
they just weren't as good is all i can say
the ole clothespin bag
would never sag

i'm as proud of that bag as i am of our flag

By Amy (


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