Our Eskie Dog (Sugar)

A little white “furkid” is coming to live with us.
A rescued little doggie that needs a forever home to bless.

Pointed ears, and a curled up tail,
Beautiful black eyes prevail.

A bit of sunshine to brighten our days.
Loving and playful in all her ways.

The empty nest will once more be filled.
A new relationship upon which to build.

Sweet little face so trusting, yet wise.
What mysteries lie behind those beautiful eyes?

Will we keep your present name, or will we give you a new name to learn?
Would you answer to it, or will it you spurn?

A pretty canine to grace our hearth and home.
We hope you will be happy here and never want to roam.

We will always love our Ava, and still miss her so,
But we have plenty of love left on which our little Eskie to bestow.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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