Summer is on the Wane

Grass slows down, growing much slower
weeds on an all out rampage
dry the ground, getting drier
season is surely changing

Critters' coats getting heavy
lot real fat, really waddling
seeds on the maples turning brown
fall is already here

Football season full amain
already bought basketball tickets
any night now
Jack Frost will make an incursion

Warm the days, cool the nights
smile as I walk, enjoying it all
Seems summer only began yesterday
time sure flies when you are enjoying it.

Baskets of red apples, gourds everywhere
lots of pumpkins, cider a working
side of the road little businesses
loads of sugar beets being hauled

Corn cribs sort of sparse
grain silos being filled
brown tassels on tall corn stalks
crows getting excited

Rural agrarian roots call
canning and storing
winter’s food supplies
Saurkraut stinking up the house

Yes, fall is here once again
planning the dance
at the grange
Mother Nature blessed us.

Fall is here, achoo, achoo, achoo
Golden rod large and pretty
cat tails look like wieners on a stick
Queen’s Anne Lace tall and blooming
achoo, achoo, achoo

Cough and sneeze, got the itch
dust in the air, lots of pollen
Watery eyes, all the allergies
they will disappear with the first snow

Checking sweaters for moth holes
cords seem to have shrunk
wool socks, heavy shoes
fall is here, soon winter

Crisp the early mornings
warm the afternoons
tinges of orange and yellow
appearing everywhere

Pole beans are full
apples large and red
hawks changing their hunting area
looking for prey

Shorter the days
later the morn
earlier the evening
it sure is fall time.

Soon the proverbial
frost upon the pumpkin
cider making, some getting hard
cocoa with marshmallows starting to warm

Jacket feels good going to work
blanket on the bed
makes snuggling easier
ah tis that wondrous time of the year

Yellow the predominant color
leaves turning brown
soon will be raking
the leaves begin to fall

Yellow then Oranges
afore things turn brown
nature has its palette out
making big changes

Crops to bring in
taters to dig
parsnips and turnips
need to be put in the hill

Ah, oh yes
summer on the wane
fall is at hand
time to slow down.

By Tom (
Photographs for the graphics were taken last week in Happy Jack, WY. Tom not only wrote the poems but he also took the photographs. Thank you, Tom.


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