a can of Pepsi

ice crystals


"Does a one legged duck swim in circles?"



Members of the message board were challenged to use the words from the list above in a poem. Below are their entries.

Does a One Legged Duck Swim in Circles?

Knowing that his mother had a knack
Of re-gifting things forward and back
Grabbing a can of Pepsi he began
To make something outrageous his plan

He built her a birdhouse of toothpicks
Roofing it with lots of pickup sticks
Will she re-gift it his wife did ask?
At the strangeness of his home made task

In circles does a one legged duck swim?
He retorted on a verbal whim
Sure enough when Christmas came about
The following year he had to shout

That is the gift I gave to you Mom
Why did you give it to cousin Dom
Dom put the birdhouse out in the cold
Where ice crystals formed ever so bold

Oh dear, Mom commented when she was asked
Did you make that in a home made task?
The carpenter forgave with a sigh
For he was a most forgiving guy

© By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

A One Legged Duck Swimming in Circles

Ice crystals make up
Rings around the moon

The duck got tangled up
In the plastic from a six pack

A can of Pepsi in the bush
Is better than two in the hand
High in calories you understand.

Re-gifting can be like
A one legged duck swimming in circles
Like a boomerang
It may come back to you.
Of course you can go around again.

As thin as a toothpick
He wouldn't allow the name to stick
But insisted on being called

Carpenter was their name
Making wonderful music was their game
One passed before her time
And then their music died.

© By Mercedes (mercedes1947@gmail.com)

Does a One Legged Duck Swim in Circles?

Joe Carpenter liked his Friday night beer and poker games.
He went right after work Friday evenings and it was always the same...
group of men who had played on the school's Varsity football team:
The Cougars. Every one of them a cheerleader's dream.

Peanuts were set out, hands were dealt.
Cigarettes, cigars...the back room soon smelt
of sweat, smoke, and kitchen odors,
and during the heat of summer, the paddle fan's motor.

But this Friday night it was cold.
Ice crystals on the windows, not many cold drinks sold.
Gimme a can of Pepsi, one man said.
What's with you, Joe Carpenter? Pepsi instead of Old Homestead?

May hafta re-gift this year, that's what.
A cut in my pay, my wife laid off.
Money is tight and younguns asking for a lot.
Re-gifting it will hafta be...that is unless I win this pot. (Big grin)

The dealer dealt the last hand of the night,
A toothpick in his mouth, eyes shifting with a gleam.
"Does a one legged duck swim in circles?" said he.
"Huh? Well, I'll be danged. Lookie what I got."

Joe Carpenter grinned, put down four Aces and a King.

© By Marilyn/Lara(LaraOct7@aol.com)

Does a One Legged Duck Swim in Circles?

Lovely time of year, ice crystals forming on the windows showing forth poor insulation.
However, it doesn't dampen anyone's jubilation.

A can of Pepsi on the counter, ready to head out the door.
Got to get down to the favorite store.

Re-gifting is a blessing when on a fixed income.
Others "no-wants" are treasures to some.

"Does a one legged duck swim in circles?" A question for the ages.
Not always answered by the old world sages.

A toothpick will hold up eyelids as the big day draws near.
Tired folks walk around like zombies but persevere.

A carpenter crafted a nativity scene for the church lawn.
It was lit up with bright lights in the early pre-dawn.

Softly they crept and lay gifts at His feet.
The homeless nearby now have something to wear and to eat.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

Does a One Legged Duck Swim in Circles?

All fouled up, what a day
a can of Pepsi with ice crystals in it
decorations up, now will they work?

Mom thinks re-gifting a blast
usually she gets them all mixed up
pillbox hat thirty-five years old
given, re-given and given some more

Aunt Sophie sips her cheer,
silly sayings she writes and sends every year
“Does a one legged duck swim in circles?”
I shake my head in disbelief

Uncle Moe makes toothpick animals
but he uses cheap glue
retired carpenter with extra wide thumbs
when he milks the cow, it always runs away

Finish off the Pepsi, ice crystals gone
sun disappeared, clouds rolling in
Just the normal craziness afore the big Holiday
such is life and relatives, I’m standing on my head.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

All Night Diner

Hey, Jolene, gimme a coke?
No, Buster, and that’s no joke,
You know we only serve Pepsi here,
A can of Pepsi, or go get a beer.

Ice crystals hanging on the diner’s eaves.
Lights on the roof and blinkin’ sheaves,
Buster, now, no you don’t need a toothpick,
Pepsi’s aren’t chewed, “Here comes St. Nick!”

You’re pullin’ my leg, Jolene, my friend,
Like a one legged duck swimming’ circles at the bend?
Well, he well might lest a kind hearted carpenter like you,
Made him a new leg with the turn of a screw.

Oh, Buster! St. Nick’s caught up in the depression,
Handed me the gift I gave Adelaide last women’s session,
Oh, well, I’ll hang it on the Secret Santa Tree,
Hand over the rest of that Pepsi to me.

And the babble went on between Jolene and Buster,
She in pink starch, he all a-fluster,
Romance was born in the diner that night,
The Pepsi turned champagne by New Year’s night.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


The A-Frame on the corner is encased in the moon
Ice crystals covering its shape.
A can of Pepsi on summer’s picnic table,
Stirs memories of paths life would take.

Bernard the neighborhood philosopher asked
“Does a one legged duck swim in circles?”
When the little Hawkins boy had cried,
Will school open anytime soon, Mr. Pirtle?

Now a carpenter’s garage is lighted,
While he saws and repairs broken chairs,
He saves a little money by re-gifting,
Turning throw-aways into fine art, priced fair.

Mike lost his little wife last summer,
The picnic was the last time she danced,
Her can of Pepsi twinkles on the table,
Mike hasn’t conquered his trance.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


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