Tire Swings and Ponds

Do you remember the old pond out in the field?
And the big bush where we thought we were concealed
when we slipped out of our clothes and into our suits?
I rolled over laughing when you left on your boots.
I stood there, shivering, waiting for you to jump in
Bashful in my bathing suit and goosebumped skin
Off came your boots and with arms and legs flying
You jumped into the pond with a Tarzan yell crying
We splashed and we played till our mom's voice hollered
We got out and dried off 'cause we knew we were collared
The pond had been forbidden to us on that day
We were suppose to just stay in the yard and play

But being eleven our attention span pretty short
Getting into mischief and having fun was our greatest sport
As the years went by and we put the mischief behind us
We entered our 'teens with much more finesse
The tire swing in the oak tree hangs quiet and still
Hoping that one day again some children would fill
I would love to someday move back to that place
Where my childhood was spent swinging out into space
Playing Tag and Red Rover, our energy never spent
Now I sit and I wonder where it all went

My children will never know those carefree days
Because televisions and computer games hold their gaze
The world is so different, and it moves so fast
We thought, when we were kids, that those days would always last
But how time flies, as we lose all the old ways
The kids shake their heads when we speak of "olden" days
They have no idea of the fun we had, cannot appreciate
or imagine those golden days. They were born too late

Born into a world of computer games and high tech
The days of credit and debit cards with no time for a check
The days of fun and frolic in the old swimmin' hole
Have passed, bells of progress tolled its death knell
The older folks hold on to their fun-filled memories
Of childhood days of old ponds and tire swings in trees
On winter evenings we tell our grandkids of our fun days of old
As they sit watching television, not caring of the stories they're told

But we remember, don't we? We too all had our dreams
Our future isn't looking all that bright,
but our pasts still shine and gleam.

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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