Members of the message board were challenged to use the words from the list above in a poem. Below are their entries.

The Room

By susi Taylor(Texaswishr@aol.com)

I am in the parlor practicing the piano
I am nine years old, my best friend is my stuffed panda
and he sits here on the piano bench with me
I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, city of smokestacks
From the window here I can see the bridge
It crosses the Monongahela River
And on the piano there is a bowl of peanuts, shells lay
around it and on the floor
There is a stack of sheet music on the table
I rifle thru it trying to find a Rachmaninoff Concerto.
This room never changes, from the artificial flowers
To the candelabra on the piano.
It is the piano room

Old Photo Album

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

RIFLING through the photo album
Some fantastic some quite dumb
There playing the PIANO is brother
Thumping one tune or some other

A PANDA Bear at San Diego zoo
Lazing about without a clue
Grandpa his pipe he's trying to pack
I remember the puff from that SMOKESTACK

Oh there's PEANUT our first dog
Trying to catch a little green frog
A photo of my big Sis
With her boyfriend on BRIDGE giving kiss

Mom and Pop in our spinach patch
And me and brother playing catch
Memories in that old photo album
Some fantastic some are dumb

Tickling the Ivories

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Tickling the ivories, playing a tune
rhumatiz and Arthur it is... ain’t no boon
Try to kick up my heels
sort of wish for, banana peels

Cleaning the rifle, nearing is fall
hunting in the mountains is surely a ball
some hate the hunt, say it is mean
never have hunted, they know not animals are keen

Kickback scanning a panda story
man oh man are they in their glory
another cuppa, turn on the record player
idling away the time, just a sayer

Refinery going full blast
plume from its smokestacks, polluting oh so fast
go back to tickling the ivories and cleaning my rifle
wish those crows I could stifle

Big bag of peanuts I must buy
keep those blue jays filling the sky
peanuts infer, peanut butter
PBJ makes the palate flutter

Bridge over troubled water
surely do not need a spotter
ups and downs, all around
grin and bear that awful sound

Life ain’t half bad at all
idling away the days, waiting for the call
enjoying all that I see
it would be better if you could join me?

To a Piano

By Amy (Fabulousfilly@aol.com)

while on our way to the zoo we crossed a bridge and turned right at the tall smokestack.

When we arrived at the zoo we saw a panda bear eating peanuts.

All the security men at the zoo were armed with a rifle.

As we strolled through the zoo the music that was playing was piano concertos, so between a bridge and smokestack a rifle and panda eating peanuts and being serenaded by a piano concerto.

i had a most interesting different day.

To a Piano

By Cottage Lady (Patience@bresnan.net)

Patience walked through the old brick mill building with the three large refurbished smokestacks that had been turned into an enclosed mall known as the Colony Mill, and that housed many small specialty stores. The atrium near the food court held an old grand piano that a man by the name of Nick used to play on weekends and holidays. The Douglas Toy store with it’s front full of soft stuffy creatures had moved, but Patience still had the furry black and white panda from there that she had been given as a gift.

The place was not doing as well as it used to: times were hard. The True Necessities store where she would rifle through sale bins filled with necklaces, bracelets and earrings, announced a “going out of business” sign in the window.

She walked back through the atrium and bought herself a large cup of coffee and a sweet confection layered with peanuts and walnuts from a small bakery emporium still operating. People were sprinkled at tables or sitting on couches, talking, having coffee, reading newspapers. There was a foursome at a corner table playing what appeared to be a game of bridge.

The Mill’s former glory days seemed to be over, but Patience hoped this was not so, the place still had such style and atmosphere, it would be such a shame for the town to lose it.

The Culinary Delight

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@bresnan.net)

It was one of those days down at the restaurant called Culinary Delight.
Rafael played the piano for dinner every Saturday night.

Mrs. Santiago kept a rifle in the back for security.
She handled fire arms with responsibility and maturity.

The Chinese Panda next door usually was a quiet place filled with Asian food and entertainment.
However, Mr. Lang was waiting arraignment.

The smokestack in back of his restaurant, bar was not in compliance with city codes.
He didn't care if it spewed out black smoke and perhaps explodes.

A fine would be peanuts to him because he was very rich.
He thought Mrs. Santiago was the snitch.

A bridge over troubled water was brewing between the two.
Who knew that into a feud it would brew.

Her rifle at the ready, his pistol under the bar.
Their relationship was quite bizarre.

The Ballad of Bonny and Johnny

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal@.net)

Once was a lady who played a piano
Bonny boogied the night away,
‘Til Johnny came along shot his rifle
And scared the dancers away.

The place looked like a leftover smokestack,
With stubs all over the place,
Johnny didn’t mean no harm,
Had a big grin all over his face.

“Johnny,” said the piano lady,
Whaddya mean by that noise,
“I’m just happy,” grinned silly Johnny,
Just bought you one of them panda toys.”

“Aww, my little peanuts farmer,
So sentimental are you,
I’ll play you “As Time Goes By,
For I’m falling in love with you.”

Over the bridge to the sunset,
Went the piano lady and Johnny,
Someone else plays the boogie,
Makin’ out are Bonny and Johnny.


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