Where is He?
By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

I looked for the babe in the shops at the mall,
In the eyes of the shoppers rushing,
I looked for the manger that held him warm
In Toyota, Honda, Mercedes all rolling.

Would he be neath the town square Christmas tree,
In the smiles of little children watching,
Or in the songs of the office choirs
“Silent Night,” Holy Night,” bells ringing.

When I sleep tonight, will He be in my dreams,
Will I meet him in the morn awakening?
Where will I find this babe they celebrate?
I will keep on today with my searching.

Will I find him in shelters crowded,
Where ones are being scrumptiously fed
By people stirred to love and sharing,
Will I find Him playing in a cold snow bed?

Never did I find Him in all these places,
Though I came close in excited faces,
When finally I felt the Spirit in the air,
He whispered “Search no more, I am everywhere.”

Unasked Gift

I received a gift I never asked for,
Nor did I think I wanted it,
I received a gift I never paid for,
From one I didn‘t exchange with.

On the card was “I love you,”
A gift like handmade lace,
Now I shake with the wonder of it,
Unasked for, untraded, simple Grace.

A Woman Unknown

“No room here” she heard her husband say,
Stopped counting shekels in a shadowy corner,
Then slipped away.

She stopped in her quarters for a bolt of cloth,
Then slipped out to the well for water,
On her way to a manger.

A young girl laboring without a scream
Her tall husband, hands wringing.
“May I help?” she offered.

Relief filled his face, he bowed to her,
While gathering sheep began to stir,
And bleat, displaced.

Quietly, quickly the dear babe’s head shown
The first cry of our Savior known,
Mary leaned into hay from toil resting.

The precious water bathed his body,
As his cousin would one day for glory do,
And swaddling clothes cuddled Him into the arms of his mother.

Grateful tears filled Joseph’s eyes
As the unknown woman slipped away
On silent sandaled feet.

Her name will not be known upon this earth,
The first to serve our Savior’s birth,
As she, in sweet humility would prefer.

Swaddling Love

Layer on layer of love from afar,
A winter-glow sky
Fir trees in a blanket of white,
A season of nature sleeping.

A barn to save hay and seed,
Where horses neigh and warm
Summer fences dormant
Marking strength for spring.

In the mind of prayer
The soul sees a golden gift
Presented with symbols of
Ribbons and bells.

In the midst of nature’s quiet resting
A celebration of what soon will come,
Wrapped in swaddling love,
Our Savior.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


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