Winter Haiku

Barren trees speak out
Oh woe is us in winter
Naked in cold snow


All tracks of life
Hidden beneath a
Fresh snowfall


Nary a leaf
Roots shivering in the cold
Onslaught of winter

By Sharon (

the trees moan and grown
from the winter arthritis
in their brittle limbs


white cover of snow
keeps the squirrels busy while
looking for acorns


in a world of white
black shadows vie for color
win when sun comes out


winter, quiet time
swishing snow the only sound
in silent forest

By Susi (

dormant trees withstand
the cold, wind, the snow...and wait
for the butterfly

By Marilyn/Lara(

enshrouded in fog
trees stark and mysterious
a monochrome scene

By Cottage Lady (

mist over the snow
bare and morbid the black trees
soon comes bright sun


deep winter blanket
naked and white the landscape
mist shows warming


ground blizzard coming
through the mist birds lonely tune
a lark of spring?

By Tom (

I am a snow ghost
Dark, stark and mysterious
Stalking white powder

By Phyllis Ann (

Weather wearied trees,
Stand bending at attention
Sleeping sap awaits.

By Norma (

Trees bathe
In silent mist
Winter sleeps.

By Mercedes (

in the winter mist
my footsteps trodded so slow
through the fallen snow

By Amy (


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