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Write to a Picture 90

By Marilyn (

I saw this man and woman talking in the parking lot at the town harbor in Camden, Maine. A lot of sailboats come into this harbor, plus there are a lot of tourists who, like me, like to sit on a bench and watch the activity.

It seems the boat owners are always making repairs on their boats, or they're carrying on tubs of food and other necessities for a sail. Large sailboats and lobster boats are always coming and going so it's a busy harbor. There are eats, too, fresh lobster being the most popular item on the menus.

When I spotted the man and woman talking, I took their picture. What do you reckon they were talking about? Were they strangers or did they know each other? A poem or a story would be great.

We look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (

Home for the Summer

By Rod Franklin (

"So you're up for the summer, eh. How do you like Virginia?"
"Charlottesville is wonderful."
"My neighbor's daughter attended the university, loved it. Lots of history. The university was designed by Thomas Jefferson, you know. What are your plans for the summer?"
"I'll be spending a great deal of time in the library. There's so much to learn before fall."
"Yes, ma'am, the ocean's a mighty big place. My neighbor's daughter—you may know her, Lucinda Webb—majored in geology. Got on with British Petroleum—lotsa money to be made in oil. Say, what're you studying down at the university?"
"Oh, well you have a good day, now; and don't study too hard. See you before you leave in the fall, maybe."

Those Old Overalls

By Amy (

bibs or overalls is what they were called. Back in the good old days
the men wore them to work hard, under the suns rays.
They plowed the fields from sun up to sunset.
they planted wheat corn and 'maters you bet.

They watered and fed the crops with good food
like compost and sometimes they added some brew
coffee grounds that is, an old friend of mine gave me that clue.

when harvest time came around they all would meet and greet
some would pick some would plow and some would have sore feet
those with sore feet were ole wine growers stompin and stompin the grapes
hey folks if you think about it, those bibs worked better than capes

well folks i think i told my tale
and you all know i didnt go to yale
but i try to get the story told in my own way
i tip my hat or cap to you thats all i have to say today....

Fancy Truck

By Sharon (

"Ma, what do you think of my new truck?"

"Well Pa, it's a mite fancy fer the farm work."

"My old Betsy just gave up and died whilst I was pickin up feed for the hogs. Had to get something to haul it back to the farm."

"Pa, I's not sure the hogs will like riding in this new fangled truck. Theys like the wind on their tails."

"Twas the only truck on the lot that could handle toting the feed back home. Plus, dumb Aunt Alice can even drive it to help. It's got one of them automatic shift thingys. Her arthritis won't keep her from doing her fair share."

"Well, guess it's ok then. She can at least earn her keep."

"Yep, once it gets a few dings in the shiny metal it will fit right in at the farm. And it even has a radio that we can listen to...the Saturday night hoedown when we have to do night chores."

Car Shop

By Connie (

It appears she is in a car shop, and she's looking over the bill he presented to her saying she had more wrong with her car than he initially thought, leaving her to pay more. Now, she is telling him she doesn't have enough money to pay the entire bill since she only planned on the money he first quoted for repairs.

Since he is a trusting mechanic/owner, he said she can pay him next month when she has the rest of the money. This is in a small town where everyone knows everyone and he feels she is good for her word. A person's word means a lot to people in this community, unlike large cities.

You Look Familar

By Joy (

You look like someone I think I know
Someone I knew from long ago
I know it will come to me in a little while
Oh now I know, you were that chile

The one who lived just down the street
The one who loved to get a treat
When the ice cream man came driving by
You were first at the curb waving "hi"

You have grown into a lovely lass
One who has a lot of class
So you go to college in the city
You sure turned out nice and pretty

Who me, you ask, who am I
Well I am just that popular guy
Who drove the truck and rang the bell
And did that job for quite a spell

Now I own a business down the street
Come in and browse, it's kind of neat
Old, recycled and vintage stuff
Some is finished and some is rough

You will find some really fine array
To take with you when you move away
Even a desk to study at
Or maybe a vintage feathered hat

So nice to see you once again
And think of you and remember when
You were just a child and running free
I hope you think good thoughts of me

A Matching Pair

By Cara (

At Wal Mart, we were
a matching pair.
Blue was our color,
and we wore it with a flair.

Then out on the parking lot,
from out of nowhere,
our car was trashed and
we were in despair.

Suddenly, a hero came
to end our nightmare.
His jeans were BLUE
and also wash and wear!

He helped us and
answered our prayer.
It turns out, he was

He invited us to
live with him in Bel Air
and be under
his care.

If you believe
my story....
then, you are obviously

Gone to Town

By Phyllis Ann (

Hey Susie, didn't expect to see my favorite daughter in town today.
Want to go get a lobster roll, what do you say?

Your Ma sent me in town to get some grub for Saturday night.
You're coming over, you, Bob and Ralphie, right?

Been fishing this morning, caught some great ones for the fish fry.
Old Dobbin went with me, that dog won't stay home, can't make him,won't even try.

The lake was busy as a bee in a hive when the Queen's at play.
Hope we have good weather Friday and you all can stay.

Take care now and give Ralphie a kiss for old Granddad, you hear.
Better get home, your Ma will be looking for me, I fear.


By Marilyn (

"Look Miss, I....uh...just came off your boat and I'm afraid I have bad news."

"Not too bad, I hope. I can't take much more bad news. I was served an eviction notice this morning and I have just two weeks to find another place to live."

"I'm sorry, Miss. I'm sorry too that it's going to cost around $500. to get your boat fixed."

"It's that bad?" Her eyes brimmed with tears.

"'Fraid so."

She turned and looked toward the pier where her boat was tied up. "I guess I could live on the boat." She sighed. "It would be cheaper than paying rent."

"Yes, you could do that. Come winter, though, you'll most likely want to move back on land."

She shrugged. "I'll worry about that when the time comes."

He turned, took a few steps, turned back.

"You'll need heat on there if you stay."

"Yes, I know......"
Tears ran down her face and her shoulders slumped. She started toward the pier.

He stood a moment, then caught up with her.

"I've been trying to come up with a way to save a little money. Would you be interested in sharing a two bedroom apartment with me and split the rent?"

Camden, Maine

By Mercedes (

Folks still chat on the streets of Camden, Maine
Meet and greet and maybe cheat the boss out of 15 minutes
If you are the boss you may stop and catch up with an old employee
Grown into a young lady now she is, you smile remembering
How shy she used to be, awkward really, but grown now
Comely even, even in well worn jeans,
Functionality is the scene this harbor town
Late in the day on an afternoon
Of light and splendor
Nowhere else on earth can render
The late summer sunlight,
Of Camden, Maine.

Looking for a Flivver

By Norma (

Charles: What do you think about this one, pretty color?

Carla: Yes, love, I think it will do.

Charles: You think that young kid salesman over there will take us for poor folks?

Carla: Oh, Charles, dear, I certainly hope so. We’ve dressed scruffy enough. We didn’t make millions by over paying.

Charles; Well, then, I’ll go around, kick some tires, climb in, and get his attention.

Carla: You think it’ll hold the soccer team? And the Perrier?

Charles: Oh, I think so, my dear, and it is not too pretentious to drive to your law firm.

Carla: Well, then, let’s take it for test drive.

Kid salesman approaching.

Charles: Hey, there sir, I’m Bubba, and this here’s Clementine. You think you can fix us up with a flivver we can afford?

Down and Out

By Tom (

“Yeah, we ain’t got no bread but
you have lipstick and mascara
look at these dang overhauls
look at the seat of your jeans”

“Dang man, you look skuzzy
a woman has to look her best
and this vehicle is unlocked,
I need a Starbucks!”

“If you want to do something
swivel that bottom and rouse some interest
turn a couple and we can go to
Mickey D’s, I want an Angus burger and fries.”

“Yeah dang man, think of your stomach first
and your woman last
eat, play and fall asleep
you want me to earn it on my back?”

“Cheese it the cops, lets walk
you know there are warrants on both of us
c’mon get moving”

“Aw frappe, got a rock in the
hole in my shoe,
where is my lipstick?”

How will their day be,
two tourists in
Laurel, just out of Jessup.

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