Wyoming Sky

Between night and day there is a moment when the world is neither. If you have ever been up and out before the sun you know this neutral moment right before the world shifts gears from darkness to light.

You hear a whisper urging you out of your thoughts – “Pay attention - a miracle is about to happen.” As the blanket of night that covered the world to the edges of the earth fades, silhouettes gather around you there is a stirring on the horizon and you feel glad in the pit of your stomach.

Light is gaining on night, and in the gray marriage of the two you can make out the mailbox on the corner. Still it is neither night nor day, but that pregnant moment behind the curtain as the actor stands poised to make his grand entrance. Our star is so bright he lights the world ahead of him, advancing slowly forward, gracing all in his path with a royal wave, lighting our dark world and releasing us from the prison of night.

© By Mercedes (mercedes1947@gmail.com)

Photograph of a Wyoming sky, by TOMWYO.



The Forest

Those Blue Eyes




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