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Abandoned Schoolhouse

By Tom (

Old one room schoolhouse out there
built on the school section
rest now plowed
little red brick building it is
holds so many memories from over the years

Pump in the front well real deep
Privies out back for them to use
walk ride a horse to school each day
tote your lunch in a shiny lard bucket
grades one thru seven all in one room

Funny little desks, inkwells too
share a book, had so few
teacher boarded with a family
usually married a local farmer
three Rís drilled into your head

Barn for the horses, shed for coal
big old pot-bellied stove for heat
freeze on the edges, sweat up close
big old black slate black board
switch for quiet and order

How many attended this old school
out in the plain midst the farms
how many years ago it was
simple but it taught
you the fundamentals

Old School Room

By Doreen (

This old school room, so empty and bare
was once a place of fun
where children learned their ABC's
and would then play out in the sun

The old school room, now stands alone
was noisy with children's voices
it is old, broken down and empty
No more children's faces

The old school room once hear the laughter
and many friendships were made
children started school, aged five
and they never felt afraid

The old school room is in disrepair
used to hang pictures on the wall displayed
hear children singing, painting and drawing
But now no more, for it is empty and decayed

Our children have another 4 weeks at school before Summer then seven and a half weeks off. Go back early September.

Abandoned Schoolhouse

By Sharon (

Oh the stories this old school could tell
Picture a young teacher ringing the bell
Children in farm clothes came here to learn
Will seemed to have a love crush on Fern

Many impatient for recess play
Others were happy to learn that day
When school let out off they went to chores
Toiling long hours on farm outdoors

Little Red School House

By Amy (

the little red schoolhouse
had a visitor one day a mouse
out teacher said lets have a contest
who can name this pet the best

open your books
but sneak some looks
every now and then
at the mouse around the bend

should we feed it cheese
make it sneeze
oh geeze louise
i feel a breeze

will they run and hide
somewhere outside
i do not chide
i will name it clyde

get that trap
slap slap slap
i know that sound
clyde is gone

he took the bait
for goodness sake
now clyde dead
but he left his son fred lol

The One Room Schoolhouse

By Sandy Lee (

A tiny one room school house
Where the children came to learn
Where order was the rule
And each passed by in turn.

From the farms and from the city
Walking miles, kids elated
To that one room school house
To be educated.

The big kids and the little
All gathered in one room
A school marm or master
Watching closely while they'd bloom

They learned the abc's
They learned a bit of math
They learned a bit of history
And even learned to laugh.

The day began with prayer
And allegiance to our flag
Then buckled down to learning
Then recess and maybe tag.

A simple life back then
With values still intact
Sometimes I wish we could
Turn all this "progress" back!

By Norma (

Ghosts of the Little Red Schoolhouse

I see the ghosts of giggling girls,
In flour sack dresses and tossing curls,
Hear little boys in woolen knickers,
Teasing, hiding, hear their snickers.

There is a worn teacher with a bun on her neck,
Her longing for a rancher hidden from her pack.
Dog eared books shared year after year,
I see them all with a nostalgic tear.

There is a tissue paper valentine box,
A barefooted boy with straw in his locks,
Tracks in the snow by sister and brother,
Holding hands to protect each other.

I hear them pledge their allegiance to the flag,
In that little red schoolhouse with their canvas bag,
It breathes its memories of children who grew,
Some became presidents, oh, the knowledge it knew.

By Amy (

Little Red Schoolhouse

out in the middle of town
someone rings the schoolbell gong gong gong
kids are running here and nigh
trying not to be late as they wave goodbye

to their friends and family too
what will this day bring to you
reading a story
saluting old glory

pledging and singing
listening to the bells ringing
studying regulations and rules
trying not to act like a fool

memories we make today
so in the future we can say
I went to a little red schoolhouse and by the way
we were taught the three r s i can say

reading writing and rithmatic
respect,reliability and responsibility
honesty,statistics and probabillities

three cheers for the ole school
three cheers for the golden rule
three cheers for the slow ole mule
who got a lot of us to that ole school ..

By susi (


Under blue, cloud flecked skies
The old schoolhouse stands

Time has gone by so swiftly
The town surrounding it, no more
Progress comes, leaving everything
So abandoned

Old red schoolhouse used no more
But, inside you can still hear the sounds
Of the children who laughed and learned
Now abandoned

A picture of a time long past
When things were simpler then
Pushed out of the way by the future
and abandoned

Sitting out on the prairie
Who knows what great person
learned the "3 R's" in this very room
long abandoned

Tufts of grass bravely grow
In my imagination, I still see a playground
Where kids would swing and run, and yell
with abandon

The old schoolhouse a thing of the past
A place of shelter for prairie dogs, and field mice
One day blown down by an errant wind
no longer abandoned, but gone


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