Begin the Beguine

In memory of my Mother & her favorite song

Upon this face where lines so grace
Are bright patterns that do interlace?
The good, the bad, the in between
Some parts I wish had never been

Open hearts can be cold and chilling
Accepting thoughts deep and willing
Mostly holding sweet memories
At times containing calamities

Ones span can be short, or even long
Much like an uncompleted song
If short, our notes will be diminished
If long our music will reach a finish

Time and age go hand in hand
Must like the players in a band
Marching robustly upon the sands
Heading towards a unknown land

In reaching that point of time
Questions will form within the mind
Why is life suddenly speeding up?
Like a runaway lurching truck

Racing on pavement soon to end
Upon a road so straight not even a bend
Fears linger as the hourglass empties
Can my tunes be reaching finality?

So I will follow the winds that blow
Leading to musical notes that flow
Across the golden sands of time
In search of a place richly sublime

Wishing my words begin the beguine?
Will that be the last of all I see?
What lies beyond the unbent road?
The start of a new song about to explode

By Roland R. Ruiz (

If you would like the audio of Roland's poem, send him an e-mail. Roland reads his poetry to the accompaniment of background music.



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