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The poems are the results of a writing challenge.
Behind the Glass



Behind the Glass

As the bus goes past
Not that fast,
I watch the windows go by.

Behind the glass
I watch it all pass.
The people not you or I.

Some sit at a table
Eating dinner, watching cable.
Glancing with only an eye.

I'm on that bus
They don't know us,
As they chew the apple pie.

On this side of the glass,
We're just one big mass
While they play a game of "I Spy',

I get off at my stop,
Feel my knees go "Pop!"
As I wander home with fish to fry.

Then I'll be looking out
My window, no doubt...
To see if you pass by.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



My Looking Glass

Behind the looking glass,
When I hold it before my turtle eyes,
Silver raised little cupies dance,
Among flowers neath silver skies.

I remember a time before
Dear friends were lifted by angels,
They loved me with a looking glass,
An ivory comb with a silver handle, and I

I remember, every time, every time,
I hold my silver looking glass.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



The Aquarium

I recall how graceful they were
in our aquarium,
floating behind the glass,
a softly lit 30 gallon tank,
the silver and black angelfish
whose name was Silver Dollar,
and an iridescent deep purple and blue
Siamese fighting fish named Omar,
along with a variety of small tetras,
all with names I no longer remember
and our little energetic bottom feeder
named Jack who did his best
to keep the house clean.

Some evenings we would turn the lights out,
relax and commune with our finny friends,
who look at the outside world
while the outside world looks in,
wonder at each otherís reflections,
contemplate the fact that we all
reside in fishbowls of one sort or another.

By Cottagelady (patience@bresnan.net)



Behind the Glass

Behind the glass and partly hidden by rocks,
two snakes with shimmering skin, slither and slide.
They're African snakes, the sign says -
Both cobras: a he and a she.

I didn't want to visit the Reptile House,
But Ben begged me to go in.
An aisle through the building,
snakes behind glass on both sides.

Rattle snakes from the Arizona desert,
Hooded Cobras from the Nile.
Cottonmouth Moccasins from South America,
Copperheads from the Appalachian wild.>

The National Zoo is a popular spot for tourists to Washington DC.
The Reptile House and the Elephant House are what most want to see.
The gorillas and chimps are behind glass too.
But as far as I'm concerned, we should have no zoos.
If you want to see reptiles and apes, buy a plane ticket and fly to Africa's Cape.

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)



Beyond the Picture

The photograph
shows two lovely
smiling people
so much in love,
holding hands
taken whist on holiday,
both tanned and happy,
but then shortly after,
two people argued bitterly,
stopped smiling at each other,
separated and went
in different directions,
as sadly things can
change instantly.
deeply in love
one minute,
then torn apart
by one wrong word.
Behind every picture
is a story,
as photographs
can be so deceiving.

By Doreen (traveller94@hotmail.com)



Behind the Window Glass

In that house behind the fence
There are lights upon the tree
Dancing merrily they twinkle
Winking out their gaiety

I can see the pretty packages
All tied with fancy bows
And the fire crackling on the hearth
To warm cool hands and toes

I can see the smiling people
Bustling here and bustling there
All the joy of the season
Is manifested there.

But outside the wind is howling
And the wolves are at the door
Christmas isn't quite the same
When youíre homeless and your poor

There's no tree and there's no presents
There's no song within my heart
Just the elements of nature,
And me playing out my part

They and I are on the same block
Why they're just across the grass
How I envy those that live there
Just behind the window glass...

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)



Behind the Glass

AS I peer behind the smokey glass
I see an Irish lass
She is wearing a short kilt
I think she even has revieved a lilt

Her hair is blonde with a plaid headband
her eyes so green, and she is so tan
As I watch her every move
She gets into her daily groove

I worry about this Irish lass
Its why I peer at her behind the smokey glass
Today she is trying out for a play will she be cast
I listen to her voice
It is of course my choice
to pick this gal
I will call her Sal
On her I think I'll pass
as she is my Irish lass

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




Behind the Glass

Behind the looking glass
Is there a younger lass?
If I turn around
Would it be found
I'd have a slimmer ass?

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



Behind the Glass

Stood before the looking glass
that old wooden framed one in the attic
wiped the dust and looked at me
when I was a boy

The backing was chipped around the edges
there were streaks and dust
even some cob webs
lightly I wiped it for a better look

The tubby boy with unruly hair
stood before my eyes
the heavy set old man
was not to be seen

Cowlick and a silly grin
brown eyes twinkling
couldnít stand still
have to do something

Then I saw a taller trimmer young man
over six feet tall, long fingers he had
serious, no smile staid or sad he was
what had happened, where had that boy gone

Took my sleeve and wiped the glass
and there I stood
the old man thin white hair and beard
standing there as I was

Oh the things he has done
the places he has gone
the tomes and tomes he has read
over his many years

But there was a smile on his face
a twinkle in his small deep-set brown eyes
he was at peace with himself
had one hell of a life.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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