Country Boy

Iím just a country boy.
Hadnít had much learnin.
Never liked those school books much,
Rather sleep late in the mornin.

Now Iím not lazy mind you,
I just donít like to work.
Digging tools and fixing fences,
Just seems to make me hurt.

Anyhow Iím usually up,
Come close to dinnertime.
By the time bout three oíclock rolls round,
Iím feelin pretty fine.

By four oíclock itís almost bedtime,
So there is no time to work.
Donít want to tire myself too much,
Afraid my back will hurt.

Besides I might get dirty,
And I canít have that.
For Saturday is the only day,
That I usually take a bath.

By Faye Reyenga (


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