This week members of the message board wrote letters to Spring.

Howdy Spring

By Tom (

Hello spring, so glad you are here
saw two robins and a red finch
Cananda geese are finding nests
ice is melting on the ponds

Sprig of green punch up through the brown
mat of leaves still on the ground
traces of green on bare limbs
sun is moving way up north

Daylight coming earlier each day
sure hope spring fever I do not get
NCAA basket ball down to sixteen
this weekend it will be the final four

Easter soon, candy and do they still buy new clothes
that was the biggie when I was a child
Look forward to the day after
buy spicey jelly beans at half price

well guess I had better sign off
time to go for my morning walk.
Tell them all howdy from the hinterlands
remember our get together this summer

Dear Spring,

By Sharon (

Thank you for the pretty flowers
Thank you for this mornings showers
Thank you for the cute bunny
Thank you for the roadrunner so funny
Thank you Spring for sunshine bright
Thank you starlit night
Spring I love you but please
I wish I had a kite to fly on your breeze

Letter to Spring

By susi (

Dear Spring,

Do you have any idea how you are awaited?
Each morning that the sun comes up we stand with breath abated.
Watching the grass becoming green with trees unfurling leaves
Saying goodbye to a winter's passing that no one grieves

I love to see April coming in, fool and all
To see the first Robin and hear their mating call
I like being able to go outside, the birds to feed
And look optimistically at the flower beds to weed

Part and parcel of the world is waiting for you
To bring soft balmy breezes and skies of blue
So, dear Spring, hurry, hurry and come back to us
Then, awaiting Summer will be our next cause to fuss.

Dear Spring,

By Sharon (

Iris oh Iris, standing tall
Fig tree greening on limbs all
Easter bunnies I see appear
It must be spring again this year

Honeysuckle blossoms bloom
Hummingbird to it zoom zoom zoom
Is that a Lady rose donned in white
Brittlebush yellow ever so bright

Scents through desert start to waft
Children on spring break I hear laugh
This morning came some spring showers
Soon there will be many more flowers

Still there's a chill that cools the air
Some rattlesnakes found, walkers beware
Somewhere nearby coyotes yowl
Oh look at the quail, such adorable fowl

The moon has been bright in the night sky
On a clear spring night stars sparkle high
Someone has planted tomato plants again
Spring Fever gives one's head a spin

Dear Spring,

By Marilyn-Lara (

It was the yellow crocus that whispered and told me
you were coming, but maybe I shouldn't tell.
I suspected as much, however, because
the forsythia has been waving its flags for a week.

And the daffodils: they sprang up just in time
to give you a cheery welcome.
The robins, too, are glad you're here.
They've flown about for days gathering twigs for their nest-building.

But Spring, dear, did you mean to chill us
like you did this morning? You arrived
with a sky full of warmth but you cooled during the night.
This morning we were shocked to discover we were back to winter cold.

Don't shy away, dear Spring,
Stick around and turn up some heat. Inspire the tulips to bloom.
Give a gentle caress to the bleeding hearts and pansies.
Nudge the rodies and the Bradford Pear trees.

You are my favorite of the four seasons, did you know?
I just wish I could hold you for a year instead of having to let you go.
I know you must move on when the time comes so I intend to enjoy you to the fullest.
This is your season. This is your time.

By Norma (

Letter to Spring

Dearest Spring, heart of my heart,
I noticed your timid and early start,
For cruel Winter tried to freeze you out,
Tho with melted fresh water, you won out.

Blustering Wind canít blow you back,
Your beauteous colors remain intact.
I love your perfume so sweet I sing,
With newborn birds with happy wings

New squirrels bark fresh out of twig nests,
Mamas duty place their babes to the test,
Your sky is somehow a different blue,
Your clouds look new when theyíre drifting through.

I know you must grow into summerís green,
And your blossoms for a season again not seen.
Wild clover and thistle to be manicured lawns.
Cool pink mornings into hot orange dawns.

Thatís a far away summer tomorrow,
Goodbyes I refuse to view and borrow,
You must be sure Iíll love you today,
And know youíll never be too far away.

By Phyllis Ann (

Hello Spring

Hello Spring, I've missed your sweet smile.
I hope you are back to stay for a little while.

Please don't let frost your lovely blooms adorn.
I would not like to see you sad and forlorn.

Spring, you have wisps of April in your hair.
To me your beauty leaves little to compare.

Please, dear Spring, stay and let us enjoy your warmth and color so fair.
Winter is over, so dark and filled with despair.

Spring you fill me with joy and hope for Summer days ahead.
I love you dear season when all is done and said.


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