Eight Items or Less

I grabbed a basket
Few things I required
In the bulk foods aisle
I sought out a cup
Of kindness - On sale it was
I measured it out
Then went on my way

Personal products
Toothpaste and such
No compliments here
I figured as much
And wondered just
Where they might be

Why dairy of course!
Next to the eggs
I'll take a dozen
Sunny and warm
I'll pass them out freely
Where is the harm?

Then when I'm sad
I could do with a smile
I threaded my way
To the baking goods aisle
Chocolate and sugar
And sprinkles so light
I'll carry all home
And bake some tonight

One more staple
Before I was done
You can't get through life
Without plenty of this one
Patience - yes - patience
No, never enough
Arm yourself well
With plenty of this stuff!

Big size and small size
For cabinet or purse
Spray it on evenly
Whenever your life
Could not get any worse

Express check out
Eight items or less
Before me a man
With at least 23
Poor with numbers
I guessed and
Uncapped the Patience
Aerosol spray
I'll not let this bugger
Ruin my day.

By Diana Mercedes (mercedes1947@gmail.com)

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