At the bottom of my garden
I have a fairy dell.
No one else has seen it
and I will never tell.
These fairies are so colourful
and dance in fairy rings.
Very graceful and dainty
With butterfly shaped wings.

Wearing a garland of flowers
upon their long flowing hair,
I saw about six or seven
But all I could do was stare.
I wonder if they were flower fairies,
But I really couldn't tell.
They were wearing clothes
of the palest shade,
and my garden is blooming so well.

Maybe they were tooth fairies
and children think it is funny,
that teeth are left under pillows,
and next day , they turn into money.
The woods may be full of fairies
so soft and small, who dance and sing.
They own the earth and the sky,
but will always stay within the fairy ring.

I really do feel honoured
That these fairies I have seen.
Sometimes, I just wonder
If it is only a dream.

By Doreen (traveller94@aol.com)


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