Dawn seeped upwards as I lie,
Sleepy eyed but awed,
“This is the day that God has made.”
Let joy spread over all.

Quickly my mind hatched a grand design,
Of the tasks I would take on this day,
And just as quickly I felt a nudge,
“Just love,” I heard Him say,

So in that moment of inner discovery,
I observed my routine with much vigor,
I must do the ordinary simple tasks,
Deep centered love the trigger.

I looked at my loved one a new way,
As I brought him his morning cup,
He grumbled “too strong” though not I,
I smiled and said “time to get up.”

Even the shower enfolded me
With love in the wonder of water,
Scents I had forgotten to notice,
Heightened my heart with laughter.

I prayed for Henry Ford,
As I cranked up my clunker’s engine,
Gave my paper to a passer by,
Prayed for him, too, I might mention.

The grand design I had planned,
Met some crisis almost every hour,
Still when Love was bubbling inside,
The day never did go sour.

Now I lie, moonlight in the window,
And drift into a peaceful sleep,
Praying to follow His grand design,
And a loving touch to keep.

By Norma (




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